Dictation apps have become quite popular these days due to its ease of getting speech-to-text and most smartphones come with this feature built right into the keyboard application. Nuance which has already built popular dictation application for Windows and Mac, will now launch its app for mobile devices. The Android and iOS app will be launched by the name “Dragon Anywhere” in the next few months. Nuance’s software for PC and Mac is aimed for Business Professionals or fields which involve document formation but can be used for casual note-taking too.

Dragon Anywhere a productive app that lets you dictate and edit documents by voice on your Android mobile or iOS devices quickly and accurately on the go. It’s fast dictation and high recognition accuracy capabilities let you create and edit documents of any length by voice and adapts to it. Using Dragon Anywhere, you are able to use your own customized vocabularies, shortcuts, and commands directly on your Android device.

Moreover there’s no time or length limits; so you can capture all of the details needed for complete, accurate documentation. Dragon Anywhere possess robust voice formatting and editing options that lets you edit the transcribed text by selecting words and sentences for editing and deleting through commands. You get the privilege to navigate through the report template using your voice; so you no longer need to manually apply formatting like bold and underline.

As Nuance’s application is aimed at Business professionals which involves sensitive data, its maker has kept the security factor in mind and so client/server communication is over HTTPS using 256-bit encryption. Also Dragon Anywhere doesn’t access content such as contacts or location on your device.

Dragon Anywhere for Android will also support cloud synchronization which include document sharing through popular cloud platforms like Dropbox and Evernote. However, Nuance isn’t available for Android or iOS devices right now and we shall expect it soon enough.

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