The Sony Xperia Z, the manufacturer’s new flagship, was declared the best smartphone at the CES 2013. And why not, the device deserves praise for its beauty and lavish specs. A few days back we found a single leaked wallpaper from the Xperia Z but we did not post that then. But now we have the complete set of stock wallpapers from the phone.

In fact, there are two types of wallpapers in the pack in equal number- there are 7 wallpapers intended to be used on the homescreen and 7 more for the lockscreen. Both sets have been designed to be used with a specific color theme on the Xperia Z. Thus, you choose one background for the homescreen and set a matching wallpaper at the lockscreen.The bigger wallpapers are 1440 x 1280 pixels in size, while those for lockscreen are 720 x 1280 px. Needless to say, all wallpapers are of high quality and look stunning.

Besides the stock wallpapers from the phone, we also have the original Xperia Z ringtones and notification sound for you. Some of these tones really sound so good. Download all the ringtones, alarm tones and notification sounds below.


Xperia Z Stock  |  Mirror link

Xperia Z Stock Ringtones & Notification  |  Mirror link

Xperia Z Launcher (2.0.5b) and Widgets (no root required)


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