It has passed just a single day since the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The pictures of the phone had already been leaked before the official event so we were not surprised to see at the event. You might question why Samsung did not choose a better design for its new flagship but the specs and feature it offers are just amazing. All of are waiting for the phone to be shipped but as the official news says, it will hit markets globally by the end of April.

However, you can feel the luxury of using that awesome wallpaper that peeps in all Galaxy S4 pictures. Have you mouth ever watered to own that beautiful wallpaper? Here are 3 official wallpapers extracted from the S4 that you can see in the post image. We have currently just three wallpaper from the device. The wallpaper is in full HD quality with different resolutions. Download it from our link below, copy/paste it on your Android phone and enjoy!


Today I got some new wallpapers which have been added in the pack. Now there are 13 wallpapers in all. 8 of them being the original wallpapers and the remaining 5 have been retouched by me. I did not like the dullness of the original wallpapers so I have photoshopped a few of them. Hope you like them.


Download 1920 x 1920 Wallpapers & Tones from Galaxy S4

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