We all love wallpapers because they make our desktop’s or phone’s screen look beautiful. Who’ll not like to be greeted by an awesome and lovely background on the screen of our phone when it turns up. Just set a plain black or white background on your phone’s home and lock screens for a single day and you will realize how important thing a good background is! More than any other, we like the wallpapers extracted from a new phone and when it comes to stock wallpapers, I have always felt HTC surpasses all with variety and freshness.

We often get a new phone’s wallpapers only after its official release but in the present case, the wallpapers are out before the phone itself. Thanks to XDA member loan92 who cleverly managed dodge the HTC officials and pulled out all the 18 Sense 5 wallpapers from the upcoming HTC One during an official unveil even of the device in Italy.

As you can see, all 18 high-quality wallpapers are beautiful examples of amazing digital abstract design. The size of these wallpapers is 1080 x 1920 px. Just download the zip from the link below, extract it and copy the wallpapers to your phone’s internal or external SD card storage and live the Sense 5 style.

Download: HTC-One-Sense-5-Stock-Wallpapers.zip  |  Mirror link

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If you wish, you can also get all wallpapers on directly on your phone by downloading the Image 2 Wallpaper app from the Google Play Store.

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