Spotify, might as well buy the music yourself.

Honestly, it works the same.  You look up playlists that are similar to what you listen to, and thats where it ends. I still don’t understand the voting methods. Sometimes you can vote on some songs, other times you can’t?

What Spotify tries to do is get you to make your own playlists. And use the the internet to do so. If I wanted to have a personalized playlist, i would just buy the music myself.  If not (and i’m not condoning this) illegally download the music if I was that cheap.  I really don’t need to listen to an ad with my own music, and I can skip.

When I was writing on one of my earlier posts, I had a friend read it because she was interested. She said that she was using Spotify and something about it (I did not pay attention too much on the conversation) made her mad. And she was really pleased to find out about Songza.

So why would she keep using Spotify? She didn’t hate it necessarily, but in the music streaming world, you can choose just about any other app and just try it out. I guess it is all about how us, as humans, don’t like change.

Wait, no. Wrong words.

Us as humans fear change, like a scary movie. Some of us like change because we are out of our comfort zone. Some of us like looking, hearing, feeling, new things. And others don’t.

This is what is wrong with Spotify.  It does not throw in that extra little “surprise.”  It is like walking into a little village with a map and being told “Have fun!”  Sure, it would be interesting at first, but after walking around aimlessly for a few days nothing is interesting. It is just not that interesting… Nothing screams “Keep me!”


Spotify Music Price: Free

Final verdict, don’t be too hasty to jump on the Spotify bandwagon.


  1. I had to read this article twice. And it still didn’t make any sens. What exactly are you trying to sa? Need me to teach you how to use Spotify?

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