It’s been a few days since I was playing with system files on my Droid RAZR with CyanogenMod 10.1. Thanks to the hard working developers who managed to give a stable release to the Droid RAZR. Though the device is becoming old day-by-day, the daily launched nightlies and updates doesn’t make you feel so. CyanogenMod is a very large community and it has been the top custom ROM manufacturer since a while. It has got many features and options which are normally not present in stock firmwares or stock based ROMs.

Since RAZR has a stable CyanogenMod 10.1, I made a few changes to the custom ROMs which will add a few more functionalities and I am here to release the mods pack to all those Droid RAZR owners. I have already launched the transparent statusbar, center clock and HTC Sense 4 styled multitasking on XDA developers forum. This mod pack will add even more mods besides these aforementioned.

This Multi Mods pack includes:

  • Transparent statusbar (70% transparency)
  • Centered clock
  • HTC Sense 4 styled multitasking
  • Statusbar clock with seconds
  • Data traffic meter on statusbar

Statusbar transparency has been intentionally put to 70% so as to match the transparency on the lockscreen. The lock screen and statusbar now looks merged. The new HTC Sense 4 styled recent apps window now shows a reflection as well. You can see the data traffic meter active in the last screenshot. The new changes will make the meter visible only when you have wifi or data connection active and will turn off automatically when wifi or data goes off. Here are some screenshots:

This zip package is to be flashed only on the STABLE release, not on any other nightlies or release candidate (RC) updates. A reasonable amount of time has been spent modding xmls and smalis and making things. I will keep the post updated and if I make some new mods I’ll post them right here.



  • Reboot to your recovery (Boot Menu Manager or Safestrap)
  • Mount /system from the mounts & format menu
    (Safestrap users seems having some trouble of not mounting /system automatically)
  • Flash the zip
  • Go back and fix permissions
  • If you are unable to boot, fix permissions again and you’ll be fine to boot.


  1. Hey…thanks before .
    I can’t boot for my droid razr, I try to fix permissions three times but still can’t !

  2. I’ll post an uninstall zip later, for now, replace the files in the archive with the files from cm10.1 stable build. I don’t have access to my pc right now.

  3. Hey, nice job. But, what if I want uninstall this mod? How I can delete this, without losing anything in the rom?

  4. I don’t think I got you… I think you don’t want data traffic, am/pm and seconds clock. Am I right?

  5. How do you change the settings to make the seconds, am/pm, and data traffic to go away?

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