An Android device is the host for a hive of settings and features which turns out pretty hectic for beginners and especially elder people who are accustomed to simple phones. No matter how keenly you try to explain how to use various features of the device, many beginners tend to lose their way in some or the other places. Many users need some time to getting used to the navigation and basic features of Android devices. Today we will show you a simple app that will allow you to turn on the LED torch on your device by simply double clicking the power button which comes handy for new users.

The LED flash light on the back of the device can be used as a torch light when you’re in dark places. You can turn on the torch light by enabling it from the toggles if your ROM supports it, otherwise you have to rely on any 3rd party app that provides either a quick widget or simple interface to toggle the torch on and off. ClickLight is a similar app which provides a quick way to toggle your torch on and off, but unlike other apps you can use this functionality even when the device is turned off.

ClickLight uses the power button to trigger the LED flashlight which makes it easier to handle the torch and saves few clicks in the way. Once the app is installed and enabled, you need to double tap the power button anytime to turn on/off the torch. The interval between the clicks should be quick enough for the app to pick up the signal and trigger the function. The app also contains an option to set the maximum time interval between the two clicks (which is limited to 0.5 to 2 seconds).


ClickLight is a light weight and very basic app with minimal design and options, so you don’t need to worry about the battery consumption. The app poses a single layout design with a couple of options to set the time interval between clicks and time for automatic disabling the torch after some time (premium). You can keep the app in memory so that none of the memory managing apps or the Android RAM management system forces kills the app.

As per my usage of the app, it’s pretty functional and comes handy when you comes across dark places. The RAM usage of the app is very minimal (around 2 MB) and I observed no or negligible impact on the battery life of my device after a day usage. The premium purchase will unlock few functions of the app which are available as in-app purchase, so you can try them if you like the app.

Download the app from the Playstore link given below and tell us how it is to your liking in the comments section below.

ClickLight 🥇 Fastest flashlight Price: Free

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