Long long ago it happened so that a team of developers promised to release the Android version of its Twitter client app that was already popular among the WebOS users. Yep, the promise was made in June 2012 but the team behind “Carbon for Twitter” app could not release it due to some technical reasons. Here is what they said at that time:

So, we finally decided to make it a free app. Yep, a premium free app. No Ads(we believe that Ads cripple the experience no matter how efficiently done, it’s just wrong on an app that users use all day long). Going free, doesn’t mean watering the app down, but a mean to get the app that we’ve been working on for a long time, designs that went through endless iterations and tweaking to be experienced out there by our eager friends who’ve been waiting for months.

Now this beautiful app has finally made its way into the Google Play Store. Initially, it was intended to be released as a paid app but it is now available for free and believe me it the undoubtedly the best free Twitter client app that I have ever seen. You can say it a free premium app. The better part of the story is it is also ad-free.

Carbon for Twitter has a simple and elegant interface, with a predominance of dark colors, Holo details and various effects on transitions. In addition, Carbon shows all content on a single screen so you can easily and quickly access what we want: biographies, lists, bookmarks, search, trends, profiles and features superior performance to Falcon Pro.

Carbon-for-Twitter-1 Carbon-for-Twitter-2

Some of the striking features of the Carbon for Twitter are as follows:

  • Tilt Timeline to Refresh the Tweets
  • Power Scroll: Scroll/Swipe up or down using Two fingers to jump to top or bottom of Timelines
  • Touch and hold the Tweets to make everything clickable right on the Timeline
  • QuickTimeline, home screen quick Timeline for Lists, Searches, Trends, etc…
  • Rich Timelines with full inline images and videos
  • Rich and HD style for User Profiles
  • Rich and fun Conversation View
  • Threaded Direct Messages
  • Background updates with quick actions for Jelly Bean, per account
  • Username Autocomplete
  • Filters for Hashtags, Users, and Keywords

If you are a Twitter addict, this app is probably the best choice for you. The app is compatible with all Android phones with Android 4.0 or up. But you got a tablet device, you will still have to wait for some time as Carbon for Twitter does not yet supports tablets.

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