Adblock Plus is one of the most popular desktop browser extensions to block the ads from websites, but despite its efforts, it couldn’t stay in the Android market shelves for long. Google has discontinued the Adblock Plus from the market because it interfered with other apps which eventually discouraged many developers for cutting their income. However, the persistent Adblock Plus developers has taken another step and got their own browser which has a full pledged Adblock Plus integration.

In fact, the Adblock Plus browser is the revamped Firefox browser for Android with the Adblock plugin integrated with full functionality. So, it’s not a whole new browser to Android but is a familiar browser with a new face and action rules. Adblock developers had promised that their browser will offer smoother and stable browsing experience to the users in addition to removing ads from the websites. However, the only catch is that the support for third party extensions and Firefox Sync features are disabled.

In a brief testing with the app on my Android device, it seems to have perfectly removed ads in most of the website but the browsing experience is a little sluggish. Nevertheless, the Adblock Plus browser has nearly achieved what it has advertised – to remove ads from web pages. Moreover, the app is still in the beta testing, so the performance issues are expected and we hope they will be vanquished in the future versions.

Adblock Plus for Android is a great news for those who love new apps and software optimizations but the response says otherwise. There is mixed response from the crowd regarding the Adblock Plus reappearance to the Android market as it might severely put off many contributors to Android by cutting their income source from Ad revenue. However, Adblock Plus developers has the other version of the story, they stated that the users who are annoyed or not interested in Ads should have the option to remove them as the Ad agencies won’t be generating any income through uninterested parties.

In our opinion, Adblock Plus is a great step towards optimizing browsing experience on Android devices but it’s a little extreme to blacklist the entire Internet highway as it opposes the very foundation principles of Internet marketing. So, it will be more lenient if genuine websites are white listed by default and users be a tad merciful to encourage their favorite websites by turning off Adblock Plus on certain websites.

So, if you’re interested to try the Adblock Plus browser on your Android device, grab the download link below and install it on your device like any other Android app.

To join the Adblock Plus community as a beta tester, you can follow their Google+ community page from here.

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