With billions of Android games available on the Google Play Store, we are only able to grasp the knowing of a part of it. This is why categories have been invented, to make it easy for the user to find a game that suits his/her taste of games. While there is a vast majority of people that prefer action/adventure games, there is still a pretty big portion of people who much rather would prefer simple games, that just kill time.

This is where games like Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, and more endless type of games come in. If you thought that a game couldn’t get any simpler, then here you go. Bottle Flip is a new addition to the Google Play Store and has obviously been inspired by the real-life trend of flipping half-filled bottles and hoping they would land facing the correct way.

The game, however, doesn’t use real physics, and hence the developers had to look into the ways this could actually end up entertaining the audience. Today, we have a really quick look at yet another simple, endless, time killing, and addicting game.

Bottle Flip – Review

When you first launch the game, you get nothing, absolutely nothing. You just see a bottle on the bottom of your screen, a red platform right above it, and some options spread out throughout all the four corners. Let us begin playing the game.

To start the game, you need to flick the bottle with your finger in the direction towards the platform. Your only main aim is to make the bottle land on the platform. While the first few flicks might really seem easy, things start to take a turn. The platform not only changes its position with every successful flick you make but also repeatedly shrinks down, to a point where it is extremely hard for you to get 100% accuracy.


Well, to be honest, that’s all that is to the game. You might see it as a really boring game at the start, but let’s face it, who would’ve liked endless games like Temple Run if they were to only hear about it and not try it out themselves?

Now that we’ve talked about the gameplay itself, let’s spend a minute or two talking about those options we’ve mentioned before. There are four options for you to play around with. The most useful one might be the volume toggle, which just mutes the game if that distracts you from breaking any scores. The ‘no ads’ button does exactly what it says.

If you would like to play the game without any ads, then why not consider leaving down a little sum of money ($1 to be precise). There is also a ‘like’ button down below, for you to leave a little review, either stating how good the game is, or leaving down some constructive criticism. Lastly, there is also a share button for you to recommend this game to other friends!

Alright, that’s everything that you need to know about the new endless game that very well might break the internet some day. If you want to try the game out yourself, then click the link below. What’s your high score, we would love to hear about it!

Bottle Flip Price: Free

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