BIG Security flaw

Smartphones today have all our personal information stored under a single hood, from Facebook and twitter to whatsapp and SMS. Lockscreens are thus essential to protect this private information from priving eyes. Android has evolved to provide all sorts of lockscreens security options, from the widely accepted pattern lockscreen, to pin codes and face recognition.

Between this struggle of high security, the Korean giant, Samsung, has been hit by a major security flaw, which can enable anyone to bypass the lockscreen, which is rather disastrous. As this new flaw is making people all around the world feel less safe,  We would urge Samsung to solve this as soon  as possible. Till then, you might try this on your own quad-core beasts, and tell us how it goes !

These are the steps to Reproduce the Bug:

  1. Lock your phone, like you normally do
  2. Turn on the display
  3. Tap on Emergency Call
  4. Select Emergency Contacts option placed at the bottom left
  5. Push the Home button
  6. Quickly tap on any widget or app displayed on your home screen

Note:  These steps are legitimate and tested on stock firmware. However it take a few attempts until u get the timings right and get the hang of it, but it’ll be smooth sailing from there on.

Also, a statutory warning right there : We are not responsible for any Legal dispute and/or abuse of personal privacy,  you are at your own risk.

Take this moment to consider that your device is never truly secured, and ADB hacks are always possible. Thus, we emphasize on the fact that you are the best defense for your phone against intrusions. So if you find someone mishandling your beloved smartphone, just punch them. (We are not responsible for any damage!)

So, tell us about your experience with the flaw and stay tuned for when Sammy releases a fix!

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