Virtual reality is without a doubt becoming more and more important in today’s society. While it’s still in its early ages and the overall level of knowledge in this technology can still evolve a lot, VR is heading slowly but surely into a prime element of our world’s pop culture. What’s the cheapest ticket to the VR show in 2017? It appears to be Google Cardboard. There is already a pretty sufficient library of apps for it but many more are bound to come. If you want to check out the best VR you can get, stick around and take a look at the rest of this article.


This is the official app for the Cardboard device. You are going to want to get this one ASAP, as it offers you the much needed connectivity between traditional phone usage and VR. All the VR Cardboard compatible apps will be stored and organized nicely within the My Library section of the app, and your important settings for app and video viewing are also here.


Watching videos on YouTube is something everyone does, so why not turn it into a VR experience? By using the official YouTube application, you can check out videos with the 360 degree feature in a VR-like format with your headset.

Chair in the Room

This one is a game. If you’re going to elaborately expand from traditional entertainment means into VR, you have to pack some games in as well. Chair in the Room offers multiple stories and the subject is always the same: Escape the room that seems inescapable by putting clues you find together and using your wits. The sudden jump scares and overall atmosphere make for a terrific experience.

Minos Starfighter VR

Another video game, Minos Starfighter VR lets you take the role of a space ship gunner that hurls projectiles at enemies coming their way. It’s a great game to have especially if you have a rotating chair to further simulate the experience, as the game comes with a 360 surround feature.

Gravity Pull

This game requires physical space and a clear path laid out ahead of time. The game requires players to physically move here or there, depending on what the current objective is in-game. Gravity Pulls is a heavily Portal inspired fame for Google Cardboard that has you solving intricate puzzles with nothing on your side but a gravity defiant box.

GoPro VR

This app takes something we all might have thought about at some point, and puts it into practice. With the help of today’s VR technology, you can enjoy GoPro videos at another level. Combining the two will enable you to experience the most adventurous activities without being actually there, such as jumping out of a plane or going sanboarding across vast dunes.

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