Smartphone users mostly take care of the external beauty of the devices and making them look new using cases and covers. Maintaining your device is good as you will have renewed feel every once in a while when change a flip cover or put on a screen guard and this will definitely make your friends jealous looking at the new avatars of your device. However, we don’t feel any use in making your device externally beautiful if it’s rotting in the inside. Over a period of time the device tends to get slower due to many reason and most users curse the manufacturers for it, but the actual culprits are the users themselves in most of the cases.

Cleaning the software junk and the redundant data on your device is as essential as the external beauty of the device. You might wonder that you have a very few apps loaded in your device but the device slows up randomly, this is all due to the garbage files piling up in the cache making your device slower than ever. So the remedy would be that you periodically delete the junk files in your device, but considering the busy life (Laziness in my case) we might not be regular in performing them. So today we will show some of the best system cleaner apps on Android that will keep your device clean and smooth.

Here are few of the best cleaner apps for the Android devices, so lets’s have quick look at them.

1. Clean Master


Clean Master is one of the few apps on the Google Play Store that we are completely impressed with. The Clean Master is an all-in-one Android apps that embeds cleaning and performance boosting tools that are used for the system maintenance in a few simple clicks. The app is capable of  cleaning the app cache, residual files, history and many other junk files which pile up even after you uninstall an app. The design of the app is cool with a lot of simple but colorful interfaces, but this doesn’t make the app a battery hog.

The Clean Master clears the junk files, memory boosting (RAM boosting is a myth in our opinion) and CPU boosting along with the standard features. App manager and the Anti-virus protection are additional bonus features that the app provide to manage your apps. The best thing of the app is that it is free yet offers the most powerful system cleaning tools. Click the download link below to download the Clean Master app from the Google Play Store.

Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus Price: Free

2. App Cache Cleaner


App cache cleaner is a quick and simple tool to clean the cache files stored by the apps on your device. Cache files are stored by the apps to quickly load the content on your device when frequently used, however theses files expire upon long times and gets piled up in the device storage thus slowing down your device. The App Cache Cleaner tool provides a one tap cleaning feature that will clean all the cache files on your device and frees up a lot of space in your storage.

There are a lot of options provided by the app which will let you choose the application that are needed a little clean up. You can sort the applications based on the junk files size which will help you decide the apps that are sucking your device storage. Setting remainders to let you know when the cache files are piled up to a specified level is one of the best feature of the app. Download the App cache cleaner app from the below link and clean all the cached data on your phone storage for a smooth performance. Download the app from the Playstore link given below:

Cleaner - Boost, Clean, Space Cleaner Price: Free

3. 1 Tap Cleaner


As the name itself boasts, the 1-Tap Cleaner app is single tap app that will let you clean your device with just one magic tap. This app embeds four modules – Cache Cleaner, History Cleaner and Call/Text log Cleaner which will help you to get more free space for the internal phone storage by clearing apps cached files, data files, or search/navigation history records. Another cleaning activity is the defaults cleaning, which will clear the default actions of an app, so you don’t need to travel to the App management in the Android settings to clear defaults of an app.

The app interface is really simple and let’s you clean all the junk files with single tap. You can also set auto clear interval to clean the device at regular intervals without your intervention. There are a lot more cool features awaiting for you in this app, download it from the Play Store link below.

1Tap Cleaner (clear cache, history and call log) Price: Free

4. Cleaner eXtreme


The Cleaner extreme is an extreme cleaning app that cleans a huge amount of junk files from your device but never touches the system data. This will make sure that the system data is not tampered and there is no scope of force closes and unexpected behavior of the system apps. The app is great for the daily use and the dark theme really helps in taking care of your eyes during low light conditions. The app clears all the junk data on your device in one tap and all you need to do is to choose what to delete.

Automatic cleaning feature is also available but you have to unlock it in the Pro feature. Download the Cleaner Extreme app from the Google Play Store link provided below:

Sorry, this app is not available!

5. Root Cleaner


For those who want to dig a little deeper for the junk in your device, the Root Cleaner app is the perfect match. As the name reflects, this app needs Root permissions on your device but it is totally worth it. The Quick clean and Full clean are two modes in this app, the quick is like the other cleaning jobs but the full cleaning requires reboot, but it makes really total maintenance of your system. The Full cleans the dalvik cache of the apps, which grows with time if unattended and consumes a lot of your device storage.

The Root Cleaner also provides app manager to manage the existing apps on your device and also shows the storage info of the device for informational purpose. However, this app is not free of cost and needs to spare $4.41 from your pocket which is only downside with the app. But we believe that the app is worth the amount and interested users can give a try from the download link below.

Root Cleaner | System Eraser Price: $4.49


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