BackPackTrack II is a stunning location tracker Android application that will continuously record your location and help you track the details using accurate time, date and position. It is an open source utility application that will keep a track of your locations using GPS and does not require internet connection.

Moreover, developer of BackpackTracker II claims that it does not drain up battery as the GPS will be activated every 3 minutes for a maximum of 60 seconds, which is by default and can be configured within the app, to acquire a location.

If you are stable at a position for a long time, it wont track the location and will only activate and use the GPS location when you are moving. This is done using the satellite visibility -wherein there must be at least one satellite visible after 30 seconds (configurable) or the GPS will be turned off or deactivated. If GPS cannot get a fix, a network location will be used as backup.

For better recording BackPackTrack II can also passively use locations requested by other applications like any mapping application. Passive locations will be recorded if the bearing changes by more than 30 degrees or if the altitude changes by more than 20 meter and these quantities are also configurable.

There are two factors that will filter locations viz, the current distance from your last location and the location accuracy. The default is to filter locations within 100 meter of the last location and locations with an accuracy of worse than 100 meter. The altitude of GPS locations will be corrected using the EGM96 model, which can make a significant difference in some areas.

An extra trackpoint or a new waypoint can be initiated right from the status bar notification which will be automatically reverse geocoded if there is an internet connection. This can also be done later using the waypoint editor.

backtrack1 backtrack3 backtrack2

Using OsmAnd Maps & Navigations or Google Earth , you can export your location history as a GPX or KML file for visualization in another application. Moreover, BackPackTrack II also provide the facility to export the location history to a WordPress weblog. This can be achieved using a WordPress plugin like Google Maps GPX Viewer plugin for visualization.

BackPackTrack II provides the records in a visual format which makes it easy to read and analyse. The Activity History provides a detailed analysis of the trips you took around the map and also tracks or records how long you walked and traveled using an automobile. It also has an exclusive Walk History Panel.

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In conclusion, BackPackTrack II is a powerful application for all the users who want to keep track of all their location activities, record them and analyse it for later.

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