A few years ago mobile phone processors used to be big in size but very low in performance. Gradually with the passage of time and as the demand of very fast processors for device phone has risen to its heights. All major phone manufacturers are striving to make their devices slimmer in form and faster in performing various tasks. It has been about two years since ARM had launched the  Cortex-A15 series of processors. Most of the high-end devices (including  Google’s Nexus 4) are still on the older ARM Cortex processors.

ARM has now announced their next generation processors called 64 Bit Cortex-A50 series that will enhance the capabilities of the mobile phones. The new ARM 64-Bit processors will allow manufactures to extend the RAM of mobile devices to 4 GB which is limited only to 2 GB so far, multiply the execution capacity so that you get three times more performance and, at the same time, make your mobile phones more energy-efficient. The ARM Cortex-A50 series processors are fully compatible with 32-bit ARMv7 software. This new generation of Cortex-A50 series chips for mobile devices will not be exploited untill 2014.

Simon Segars, executive vice president, processor and physical IP divisions, ARM said:

Consumers expect a personalized mobile experience, integrating their daily lives, with seamless connectivity providing access to vast amounts of information. The ARM ecosystem will continue its rate of unprecedented innovation to enable diverse platforms. This will deliver an era of transformational computing, from mobile through to the infrastructure and servers that support consumers’ connected, mobile lifestyles. This will create massive opportunities for market expansion and a revolution in user experiences.

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 Source: ARM

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