Finding the right Android smartphone can be difficult. After all, there are dozens of options with a variety of features for you to choose from. Are you in the market for a smartphone that has excellent calling capabilities? How about one that takes crisp photos? Or maybe one that’s great for browsing the internet? Whatever you’re looking for in an Android smartphone, here are three helpful ways to determine which one fits you best.

Identify the Smartphone’s Main Purpose

When choosing a smartphone, the first thing you should think about is the phone’s intended purpose. Are you buying a phone primarily because you want to listen to music? browse social media sites? play games? By identifying the smartphone’s main purpose, you can best decide which model will be a good fit for you.

This simple philosophy is the basis for Android’s Which Phone service, which helps you pick a phone by first determining what you want the phone for. Let’s say you that wanted to a buy a phone for the following reasons: listening to music (over two hours per day, streaming), browsing social media (two hours per day), and playing games (one to two hours per day, action). Some of your best phone options are the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, and LG G5.

Think About Smartphone Features

Once you’ve narrowed your smartphone choices a bit, think about the specific features of each. These are things like operating systems, storage space, camera strength, and cool extras. For some people, this step will require a bit of research, but if you’re looking to find the best Android phone, the research is totally worth it — especially if performance is important to you. Do you want a smartphone that’s super fast, that has a long battery life, and that takes amazing pictures? Go with the Nexus 6P. Would you rather have a smartphone that boasts a sleek body, a fast processor, and plenty of expandable storage capability? Consider the HTC 10 instead.

Don’t neglect the importance of smartphone features. They could make the difference between you purchasing a smartphone that you love and one that you want to chuck out a window. Here’s another tip: If you want to do a bit of research before making a smartphone decision, visit websites like Android Headlines for the latest news and information.

Decide If You Want to Blend in or Stand Out

Like everything, smartphones follow trends. If the newest and most popular smartphone brands have large screens, for example, you can bet that other brands are going to follow suit. Wondering what the latest trending features are? They include fingerprint scanners, at-a-glance display, removable batteries, and virtual reality applications. If you’re still undecided on a phone, you can always follow the crowd by opting for Android devices like the LG G5, Google Nexus 6, and Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. Or tread your own path by choosing something cool and different, like the LG V10 or Droid Turbo.

There are many Android smartphones for you to choose from, but picking one doesn’t have to be difficult. By identifying your phone’s intended purpose, thinking about what features you want, and considering your level of individualism, you can make a decision easily.

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