Best Cloud Storage Apps
Best Cloud Storage Apps

Cloud storage allows you to store the contents of your android device to an online source. This helps you to save a lot of your internal and external storage. Due to the cloud storage the importance of SD cards and internal storage is declining. Here we will discuss 4 best cloud storage apps which you can use for storing you content online.

Best Cloud storage apps

  • Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is available in 2 variants: Unlimited Photos and Unlimited Everything. Unlimited Photos is available for free if you use Amazon Prime whereas otherwise, you have to pay $11.8 per year to use it. In Unlimited photos, you can upload unlimited photos and videos and other files up to 5 GB. Now, coming to Unlimited Everything it is the best Cloud storage available in the world. It is available for the US $60 per year and you can store unlimited data. It is far cheaper than its counter per Google Drive ($120 per year for 1 TB) AND Dropbox (US $100 per year for 1TB). Unlimited everything is secure, accessible on all your devices and supports automatic backup.

  • Google Drive

Google Drive provides 15 GB of Cloud storage for free in which you can store any types of files you like. Google Drive is also integrated with Google Photos. Google Drive is very easy to access and you just require a Google account to manage your Google Drive with Google Drive, you can view the changes which you have made to your documents, share your work with anyone and get support for different types of files.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox is the favorite Cloud storage of many Android users. Dropbox is fast free (up to 16 GB) and automatic backup option so that you can easily sync your files between a PC and smartphone.

  • MediaFire

MediaFire is a great Cloud storage for storing small files. At the beginning, you get 12 GB storage which you can expand via earning referrals or by paying $2.50 per month for 100 GB. Although, you may find its menu a little bit confusing. In the free version, you can upload files of maximum 200 MB, but in paid version, there is no such limit.

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