Top 7 Custom ROMs for OnePlus 3T

Both the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T have enjoyed quite a success among Android enthusiasts which is not surprising given how good they are. Not only on paper but in actual day to day usage. A device being popular among enthusiasts usually comes with a perk, i.e. a great developer community. Thus, the OnePlus 3T too has quite a community behind it. Online forums are flowing with all kinds of OnePlus 3T ROMs. Below we have provided our handpicked list of top 7 custom ROMs for OnePlus 3T.

So much so that it can sometimes seem like a daunting task to scroll through them all and find the one you want to try. Also if you find one that you love, it is quite easy to forget that other ROMs exist as well, maybe something even better which you didn’t yet try. So here’s a list of some of the best ROMs for OnePlus 3T available as of today.

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Top 7 Custom ROMs for OnePlus 3T

1. Oxygen OS 7.1.1 Open Beta

The fact that Oxygen OS makes it to the top of our list shouldn’t seem very surprising if you have used a OnePlus device. It is the cleanest, most stock Android like OEM skin you will ever use and as a result is super fluid and fast, unlike some other OEM skins. But that’s not all there is to Oxygen OS. Oxygen OS is all about simplicity and respecting Google’s vision for Android.

While the stock OnePlus ROM does not come with the very fancy features some power users look for, it does come with some nifty and very welcome features. One of those is the Dark mode that turns the entire UI dark as the name implies, utilizing the AMOLED screen to save some battery. Other features include a built-in app locker, lockscreen gestures and button customization. There’s very little reason for the average user to want more.

2. Lineage OS 14.1

If Oxygen OS is the most stock Android like OEM ROM, Lineage OS is as close as a custom ROM gets to stock Android without being stock Android. Lineage OS is also centered around simplicity, a lineage it inherits from the CyanogenMod project. Lineage OS fits the bill for both longtime fans of CyanogenMod and for users that are new to custom ROMs. Many custom ROMs used Cyanogen as the base and now they’re moving on to Lineage to stay up to date.

Lineage OS has some of the best developers working on the ROM and hence it’s not surprising that most custom ROMs these days are built on top of Lineage OS. It focuses on the features that matter, such as user privacy and security. As a result, most of its features such as Privacy Guard or protected apps are readily available on other custom ROMs. Lineage OS is also compatible with a number of mods perhaps more than any other custom ROM.

3. Freedom OS

Freedom OS sort of justifies its name in that it gives you the freedom of using Oxygen OS as you intend to use it rather than how OnePlus intended. Yes, the ROM is based on the stock OnePlus ROM, Oxygen OS, running atop Android 7.0. It is basically Oxygen OS once you boot it up but the actual “Freedom” is given when you’re flashing the ROM. The ROM includes an AROMA installer which is like an installation wizard with its own UI that appears when you flash the ROM.

It provides you with several options such as allowing you to use OpenGapps, letting you choose which Google apps you’d like to install and which you’d prefer to not be on your phone. You can do the same with system apps. The installer includes several other mods including (but not limited to) Viper4Android – a very popular sound mod and Adaway – the best Adblocker on Android.

4. Omni 7

Just as Lineage OS is a leftover product of CyanogenMod’s unsuccessful commercialization attempt, we could say Omni ROM is a by-product of it. Some of the developers working on CyanogenMod were not exactly excited about the new direction the ROM was going in, so they created Omni ROM.

The ROM offers some pretty unique features collected together under the name “OmniGears” which very often get ported to other ROMs as well. Although, it is mostly for people who are not very fond of the way Android’s recents screen has turned out to be after Android Lollipop. If you still prefer the KitKat style but would still like to be on the latest Android versions, this is what you need.

5. AOSP Extended

AOSP stands for Android Open Source Project, which is another way of saying vanilla Android. However, as you may notice this ROM is named as AOSP ‘Extended’ and for good reason. It offers the same Vanilla Android UI us enthusiasts tend to love while including plenty of customization options including theme support via Substratum.

While there are enough customization options it is nowhere near as extensive as say, Resurrection Remix. The ROM tries to find a good balance between being feature rich yet not being bloated with features. If that sounds like something you want from a ROM, you’re exactly the person this ROM is for.

6. Slim 7

Slim 7 is the name for Slim ROM projects based on Android Nougat and the name should say it all. It is about providing a slim, light-weight, debloated experience. Unlike many ROMs on this list, Slim ROM is built from scratch using AOSP as the base and even slimming it down to the bare minimums while adding some features users look forward to in a custom ROM. It’s like a DIY experience that you can build on your own using the mods and apps that you want.

A unique feature on Slim ROMs like the Omni ROMs is the recents screen. The recents screen of Slim 7, enabled by default, reminds of the recents screen on Sony’s Xperia devices back in the Ice-Cream Sandwich days. It provides a better experience for the multi-taskers among you compared to the full-screen affair on most other ROMs. The app cards slide in from the edge of the screen covering only as much of it as you customize it too, and packs in more apps too.

7. Resurrection Remix

A stark contrast to Slim 7, Resurrection Remix is among the most feature-packed ROMs you can find. There’s hardly a feature you will not find on Resurrection Remix that you can find on any other ROM. It combines the best features of the most popular ROMs and bakes them onto their own tweaks and improvements in one impressive package. The ROM package is surprisingly small considering the amount of firepower packed inside.

If you liked the recent apps UI of Omni 7 or Slim 7 but wished they were feature rich, Resurrection Remix grants your wish. It has both Slim recents and Omni recents along with a multitude of options to play around with the UI. One could say this ROM is rather bloated with features you don’t need, but that does not affect its performance compared to the others. It’s like the best of both worlds and I should probably stop gushing about it now.


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