New iOS 5 Theme for MIUI V4

Here is the new version of the popular iPhone theme for Android phones with MIUI V4 or JB ROMs installed. The theme has been made by Raykiyang and its borrows from and adds to some new elements to the existing iPhone Style themes for MIUI. The latest version which was last updated on January 8, is fully compatible with the current versions of the MIUI ROM.

To be frank, the screenshots shown above reveal too little of the actual theme. I have created the preview image out of the image given inside the theme. Since I have left working for MIUI, I was could not make the actual screenshots. Anyways, my distance from MIUI could not stop me from translating the theme into English. The theme has a huge set of icons that would replace almost all icons on your phone. Besides, several optimizations, the theme-maker has also changed the dialer to look better. In some apps the navigation icons (the arrow icons) now bear text. Download the theme, use it and let me know of any bugs you discover.

Download Theme (Updated March 03): Link

Original Version: Link



  1. I use translated version from above link. It still has Chinese (Back button), Dialer button, SMS send button.

  2. Not being picky in anyway. I’m using this theme and I love it. But in the future could there be a dark (black) version of iphone themes? That would be awesome, if not, life goes on

  3. How can I use *.mtz themes with the newest MIUI?

    It shows error:

    “The theme is not downloaded from official market, please download similiar ones from official market.”

  4. This is a amazing theme, but I too have Asian writing in the dialer, sms, and back buttons. Can you please fix it and then itll be the perfect theme. Thank you.

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