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DroidViews is a rapidly growing community blog that was founded about 5 years ago with the obvious aim to simplify complicated stuff for common Android users. Just browsing a few pages of the website will give you an idea about the topics we deal with here. The number of page views and comments we receive on the site make us believe that we have been successful in catering to the Android community by sharing what we know of the Android ecosystem and learning more while doing so. Now we feel that we need to expand the site and it won’t be possible without having a great team that works passionately.

If you are crazy about Android and enjoy it more than anything else, we need you. If you understand the OS as a geek does and can express yourself clearly enough to be understood by one and all, we need you. If you want to join us only because money is involved with it, we do not need you. Sorry!

Anyway, if you have landed this page and reading these lines, it must not be just a coincidence. You’re here because you think you inhale Android with Oxygen and can exhale your passion through words. As we mentioned earlier, we are looking for enthusiasts to be part of our team so that we can serve the community better. To be specific, we have vacancies for 6-7 positions for writer/contributor.

Naturally, there are requirements for aspiring writers. For a valid application, all points must be answered or done, depending on what is required of you. To keep things short and simple, let’s get to the point.

Note: Since our site targets the English-speaking world, we expect good command over the English language. Even a single grammatical mistake, using ambiguous sentences and slangs, errors of punctuation and spelling mistakes will not be tolerated at all. If English does not come to you naturally, you’re a misfit. This will be evident through Hangouts chats and sample writing, which will take place if you get into a narrower selection.

Here’re a few things we would like to know:

  1. Short introduction with name, surname, email address, country and why you want to join us.
  2. Add links to your social media accounts like G+ and Twitter. We need your WhatsApp number (with country code) to contact you – our main means of communication.
  3. What experiences do you have with Android platform, meaning for how long have you been using Android devices, what are your past and current smartphone/s (list all of them). Here would be a good place to state if you are familiar with rooting and flashing things on Android and other power-user stuff worth bragging about (game high-scores is not something we are interested in).
  4. What would be your dream smartphone? A little imagination (not too much) is allowed, as long as it stays down to earth – actually possible.
  5. State any past experiences with writing about Android. This includes blogging and articles on other websites. Of course, you’ll need to provide us with proof in the form of links. Don’t worry, no one started as a pro with tons of experience. If there are no references to show, it’s not a big deal, but it is welcome. If you do not have any experience with writing, we would like to see an authentic sample (it’ll be checked to make sure it’s copy/paste proof).
  6. And lastly, how much time are you willing to spend for us a week. You can define per day or group weekend and weekdays (at weekdays that much, at weekends that much), if you wish. But please answer sincerely. Think about your daily agenda: school/work, launch, pets, friends, sports, beers and everything else you have on your daily routine and then answer. You have to do this with passion, it’s the most important thing. We don’t have minimum working hours per day/week you have to meet in order to stay with us, we just need an indicative information.

If interested, please send us the details about the above queries to [email protected].

After we have read all of your applications, we will contact you via Email/Hangouts.

With best regards,

DroidViews Team