If there is one really beautiful aftermarket custom ROM for Android phones, it’s MIUI. Originally inspired by iOS and based on CyanogenMod, MIUI  is now established as an independent brand with a bunch of dedicated smartphones and a separate market for themes and wallpapers. MIUI is beautiful in itself and it’s charm is further enhanced by hundreds and thousands of themes that can be downloaded on free and paid basis.


The recently launched MIUI V5 has the best of MIUI so far. Just a few days back we presented the MIUI V5 theme ported to MIUI V4 but that was a light version. And today we are here again with the Gray-Orange version of the official V5 theme for the users of V4. The theme has been made by shahzad from the MIUI forum and it is still in beta version. The theme-maker has changed the light background with gray and it looks more beautiful.

The theme has original MIUI V5 icons and framework elements. Once applied, it will completely change the look of your Android phone with V4 ROM. Just download the mtz theme from our link below and copy it to the MIUI/Theme folder. Open the theme manager and apply it.




  1. fyi thats not for gt i500 it is for gt i9505…tried it…screen blacked out nothing was happening so restored back to my old rom.

  2. non miui rom users cant use this themes even if u have mihome launcher installed ……they have .mtz file extn phone says NO APPLICATION TO OPEN THIS FILE and i tried to rename the extn also didnt work..any other way……i was avid miui rom user for all of my phones but since i got s4 i9500 miui guys haven ported to it…waiting patiently for the day….any idea mr shukla?

  3. Does It Have Live Icons ? Because My Stock MIUI V5 Theme Doesn’t Have Live Icons Working….

  4. one more question Rakesh Shukla sorry to bother u again
    i have checked the internet for MIUI ROM but i couldn’t find supported one for Samsung Galaxy S4 1900 maybe MIUI ROM only supports 19500 version for now. do u have any idea about this?

  5. thnx i appreciate your respond Rakesh Shukla
    people like your kind should deserved good things in life)))

  6. do i need any launcher in other to install this [email protected] Shukla?
    i really have no idea on how to install themes on my S4. would really appreciate if u can give me some guidelines thnx..

  7. Its not that big of a deal but all other themes I have downloaded from DroidViews work without any issues. Thanks for the help.

  8. Whether I download with my phone or PC the theme downloads almost instantaneous. MIUI refuses to install the theme. I am running MIUI v4 on a Verizon GS3.

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