App Review: Wolpepper

When it comes to customisation in the smartphone world, the only Operating System that would come to your mind without any second thought would be Android. For tech enthusiasts, power users or casual users, Android is the one-stop OS for all of their needs compared to rival OS namely iOS. Ok, let’s get to the main point of the article. We all have seen and used a lot of wonderful wallpaper apps out there in the Play Store. Today, I have bought to you yet another wonderful and amazing wallpaper app that has a huge collection of vibrant, vivid and rich wallpapers. The app is called Wolpepper.

Wolpepper features wallpapers and backgrounds directly taken from servers. However, For those of you who don’t know, the website has a massive collection of wallpapers uploaded by a generous community of photographers.

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Enough said, let’s take an in-depth look at Wolpepper app and go through its features as depicted by screenshots below.

Wolpepper app in-depth look

Welcome to Wolpepper. Make the most out of your phone’s display with vibrant, vivid and rich wallpapers.
Wolpepper fetches beautiful wallpapers from Moreover, Wolpepper has Muzei integration, grey scaling images and many more. Enjoy!.
Grant permissions to use Wolpepper.
Main screen of the app. Here, you have 4 tabs at the bottom namely New, Collections, Curated, and Categories. New tab shown above.
Collections tab.
Curated tab.
Categories tab.
Tap on an image to be able to download, like or add it your Muzei live wallpaper list. However, to like an image, you have would have to sign in with your Unsplash account.
Sign in with your account to like an image.
Orientation indication for a particular wallpaper.
Locate and tap the three-dot button at the top right-hand corner of the app to sort out the images. You can sort it by the latest, oldest, popular, and random.

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Applying an image as wallpaper

Tap on an image to view it’s details and the available options. Here, you have the option to download, apply grey scale and download. Moreover, you also have the option to set the image as wallpaper upon download, like, and share the image. Furthermore, you are also provided with the ability to see the meta data of an image.
Meta data of an image. Tap the blue button to know how many have seen the image, liked the image or downloaded the image. You could also tap the respective icons to download, like or set as wallpaper upon download. Neat!. Checkout the screenshot below.
In reference to the screenshot above.
You can download an image in RAW or JPEG format, provided you enable this option in settings.
Tap the second button from the left to toggle grey scale and download an image. Also, tap the icon in the form of a paint roller or the third icon from the left to add effects and more to an image and apply it as a wallpaper. Moreover, tap and hold the same button to bring up a small menu that allows you to set an image as a contact photo, lock screen image and more. Checkout the screenshots below.
Tap the paint roller icon to edit and apply the wallpaper.
Tap and hold the paint roller icon to bring up this menu.


On the main screen ,tap the three line button to view few options. Go through the next few screenshots.
Press Other Wallpapers to apply a solid colour or gradient colours as wallpaper.
Tap Orientation Filter to be able to filter images based on orientation such as portrait or landscape.
Tap Settings to access Muzei live wallpaper settings, set image preview quality, and change download format.
Muzei settings.
Preview quality setting.
Image download format setting.
Miscellaneous settings. Upgrade to premium, send feedback, join the community. Furthermore, you could share Wolpepper app, checkout the developer’s other apps or tap About to know about Wolpepper.
Premium version removes advertisements and also provides you with unlimited Muzei list.

About Wolpepper

Neat app. Kudos to the developers for this amazing app.


So there you go folks, on my take and an in-depth review of this neat little amazing app. Moreover, this app has one of the best and highest quality wallpapers out there sourced directly form which is in fact, amazing. Kudos to the developers of Wolpepper for a highly functional, feature rich and easy to use the app.

Feel free to chime in the comments on your experience with and opinions about this app. Download Wolpepper via the link below.

Wolpepper - The Wallpaper App Price: Free

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