Latest Odin download all versions for Samsung devices
Download Odin for Samsung

Odin download is the first thing you need to do before installing Samsung stock firmware. You can download Odin (all versions) from below. It’s is a free tool for PC and works with Windows only but you can use the Java Odin on Mac and Linux too. As of now, the latest version of Odin is v3.13.1.

One of the good things about Samsung devices is the easy availability of stock firmware and an even easier method for flashing them. It gives you the confidence to take little risks like flashing CF-Root kernels or a custom recovery because always know that if anything goes wrong, you’ll be able to restore the stock firmware and fix your device.

While most Android devices have a Bootloader Mode with other options like Fastboot and Recovery integrated into a single interface, Samsung Galaxy devices are a bit different as you need to use different key combinations to boot the device into the Download/Odin and the Recovery modes.

If you own a Samsung phone or tablet, you must be familiar with Odin. Odin is a very useful tool that detects your Samsung device only when it’s in Download Mode and it can flash files with .tar or .tar.md5 extension. Developed by Samsung, Odin was originally meant to be used only in the company’s service centers. The Odin tool we use is actually the leaked version of the official one released by Samsung but not distributed publicly. Most Samsung users might need to use Odin at some point of time for different purposes.

Samsung’s Odin tool works only with a Windows PC. If you are a Mac or Linux user, you can use Heimdall or the Java version of the Odin tool from below.

Download Odin for Samsung (All Versions)

Since the success rate of flashing files with Odin differs according to Odin versions, you should always use either the Odin version recommended by the tutorial you are following or Odin v1.85, Odin v3.12.10, Odin3 v3.04, Odin3 v3.07, Odin3 v3.09, Odin3, Odin3_v3.10.7, Odin3 v3.11.2, Odin3 v3.12.7, Odin3 v3.12.10, or Odin3 v3.13.1.

Below is a list of all versions of Odin available for download: (recommended for Gingerbread/Ice Cream Sandwich firmwares) (recommended for JellyBean/KitKat firmwares) (recommended for Lollipop firmwares) (latest version recommended for flashing Marshmallow firmware) (latest)

[The latest Odin for Samsung devices can now flash the new Android Oreo firmwares with compressed binaries (lz4). If you own the Galaxy S8, S9, or Note 7, use Odin3_v3.13.1 or greater]

(don’t download unless you are sure what it is)

Also, download the latest Samsung USB Drivers.

Note: If you have been following some tutorial to flash the stock firmware or firmware component/s, please use the Odin version recommended in the guide.

Download Heimdall and Java-Odin for Mac and Linux

Mac and Linux users can use the following tools for flashing stock firmwares, CF-Root packages, and other .tar files.

Download Latest Heimdall


Download Java-based Odin for Mac OSX: CanalFacilAssim_JODIN3

(Note: You’ll need to install Java on your Mac computer and then install Heimdall Suite.)

How to Use Odin to Flash Samsung Firmware

Install Stock Firmware on Samsung Devices Using Odin

How to Perform Data Factory Reset on Samsung Galaxy Devices


  1. please help me, i am having problems on my phone samsung galaxy grand neo plus GT-I9060I / DS when upgrading. after that just appears the logo “samsung galaxy grand neo plus powered by android” it will also die and live alone and only until the logo display.
    am from Indonesia

  2. please i use a samsung j5 which do i download?
    because i really wana flash my phone please

  3. Hi Rekesh, my galaxy note 4 is stuck on recovery booting…. set warranty bit: recovery

    Help please

  4. Thanks for the response, but I got it working. Apparently my G955U is locked to AT&T

  5. Hey Rakesh, I just bought a used G955U and for some unexplainable reason its without full firmware or real rom, all it has is a combination bootloader that lets me test the phone.

    This is the installed “rom” and I would just really like to run a stock firmware, but I can’t get it to work. Flashing attempts of any kind keep ending up failing. do you have any advice on what i could do? It also shows on the screen rpmb fuse blown. Thanks

  6. No Mr rakesh I don’t have any issues with it but I just figured been in Jamaica maybe I could use a different firmware that is closer to me a just saying

  7. Thanks for response mr.rakesh ,but which one would you recommend been that am in the Caribbean?

  8. Hi Mr rakesh. How is it going sir hope you are doing good. I have the Samsung galaxy s8+ sm-g955fd duos international version from the UAE but I want to change to a different country firmware. Could you tell which one I could use please. Am from Jamaica. I would appreciate your quick response
    You can send your reply to my email address is [email protected]. Thanks

  9. Hi rakesh I have the s8+ duos,model sm-g955fd with the UAE firmware. Could you tell me which other firmware I can use. You can reply to me by email. My email address is [email protected] and I am from Jamaica

  10. Hi Rakesh …hope u ll be fine …. i want to know tht can i change my S7 firmware from G930A to G930F??

  11. Hello, I am Rio from Indonesia. Failed flashing n7000. I used odin 3.07, 3.09, 3.10. Firmware from korea, UK, and Taiwan. Failed when …setup connection / erase … /complete (write) operation failed. I used laptop Win 7 64-bit. Turned all antivirus and windows firewall. What should I do? Thanks before.

  12. sir i can’t update my samsung galaxy s7 i put all the update files(AP BL CP CSC) push start button it do not work..what should i do..

  13. Works like a champ. We received 20 S6 devices with version 5.1.1 but in Verizon system it stated they had already upgraded to 7.0 so we could not utilize 4G LTE signal. Found this app and was able to quickly get them going.

    Much appreciated.

  14. Hey i cant update my system since it said my registration failed i am using s6 egde plus plz some help

  15. hello, My name is Jenny from philippines, I’m using Samsung Galaxy J5… My problem is my phone wont on… its stuck on Samsung J5 Logo and restart again… can you help me?

  16. And 2nd thing can I update further my mobile software manually as I hv done if available?

  17. Good morning dear… I have to ask something.. my mobile don’t show mobile data on off in quick setting option? What is wrong?

  18. hello … m Kamran and m using s7 at&t 2nd hand mobile in Pakistan .. its firmware is very old jully12016 patch and firmware is G930AUCU2APG1… I want to update my mobile ..what I have to do plz help me out:?

  19. Hie there. Im trying to flash a note 3 (SM-N900) with odin. After downloading the appropriate flash file from updato and trying to flash it fails and the log says there is no pit partititon. i then searched xda and got the appropriate pit file(SM-N900_ha3g_32GB). with the pit file selected the error i get when trying to flash is repartition operation failed. what could be the problem

  20. Just click the PIT button on Odin and add the PIT file to it.

    Click AP and add the firmware to it.
    Check Re-Partition option in Odin.

    Click the Start button.

  21. Hello Raskesh bro, thanks for your advice but I don’t know how to use your file with it. Please don not mind showing me how !!! I have been waiting for your respose>>>

  22. I have downloaded your file . How could I use this. also my phone is not starting.. help mee please.

  23. Hi Walter,

    I see FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is turned on your Note 4. Since your phone is not in a working state, you can’t turn it off from phone Settings. Did you try installing a stock firmware?

  24. My wife has a note 4 on T-mobile. We bought this phone second hand because we could not, and still can’t, afford a new phone. It did not have, or seem to have, this or any other major issues when we bought it, as it worked fine for about a month, with the only issue being connection problems to the GPS services in the phone.

    This phone is currently stuck in a boot loop and the only screen that I can get it to load to and stay on without resetting again is the Downloading screen with the little green robot. I had gone in and done a “factory reset” and cleared the cache in the boot selection screen but I have yet to be able to physically sign in or set up the phone. Usually it doesn’t let me get this far, it starts to boot up and then reboots before the white booting screen clears, over and over and over again until I pull the battery out. It seems to stay in the downloading screen when put there, but my computer says it’s not recognizing the device, it used to read it just fine. I’m assuming that this is due to the factory reset since I cannot load to set up the device.

    The issue, even though I’ve talked about a couple things, is that the phone will not actually go through a boot cycle. It’s a bit expensive to take to someone to repair the phone, and a new phone is out of the question, so any ideas would be appreciated. Phone had to have battery replaced due to swelling of the original battery (which was aftermarket) and has an official Samsung battery in it now.

    It has stayed on the Downloading screen the entire time I have been typing this, so I think it is safe to assume that this screen is the only way the phone doesn’t continue resetting.

    The downloading screen says as follows, and I have no idea if this is correct or messed up:
    (White) PRODUCT NAME: SM-N910T3
    (White) FAP LOCK: ON
    (White) KNOX WARRANT VOID: 0X0
    (Gray) AP SWREV: S1, T1, A1, A3, P1
    (Red) UDC START

  25. In my opinion, the very best ROM for the Note 3 is SlimKat. The developers started with AOSP Android, then added in a lot of Lolipop functionality. My wife is still using my old Note 3 with SlimKat on it. The developers stopped after SlimKat, so there isn’t a SlimPop, but for the N3, that’s the ROM
    Also, after the Note 3, ATT started locking bootloaders, so are almost impossible to root. If you get a N4, get the T-Mobile one instead

  26. Dear Rakesh sir i was do as u say about odin software 3.10.7 but it is also not working and i continue installed loliop, 4.4.4 nad 4.4.2 but it is also not working after installation my mobile restart and going to odin start mode and it give me a message which is (could not do normal boot).
    Please sir kindly solve my problem and i know can do it please sir sir.

  27. dear sir
    kindly advice me for a perfect odin and perfect software its my new mobile and some big problem it have.

    MODEL SM-N900A
    FCC ID – A3LSMN900A
    S/N – R38F30KWDHJ

  28. dear sir
    kindly advice me for a perfect odin and perfect software its my new mobile and some big problem it have.

    MODEL SM-N900A
    FCC ID – A3LSMN900A
    S/N – R38F30KWDHJ

  29. Hello Guys !
    Im looking for a Good Rom for my Galaxy S2 GT9100i … i wish u can help me . Thanks !

  30. samsung galaxy s5 cannot seem to load TWRP using Odin here are the results
    Odin engine v(ID:3.1101)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!
    RQT_CLOSE !!
    RES OK !!
    Remain Port …. 0
    All threads completed. (succeed 1 / failed 0)
    When finished the phone reboots as before. I turn the phone off; wait 3 minutes then boot in recovery mode.
    ODIN Mode
    Product name: sm-g900t
    current binary: custom
    system status custom
    knox warranty void: 0x0
    qualcomm secureboot: enable (csb)
    ap swrev: s1, t1, r1, a1, p1
    secure download : enable
    udc start
    screen under icon ‘downloading… do not turn off target!!’
    Left it for 2 hours and still the same.

    Installed ADB and Fastboot on desktop and tried that method only to receive message ‘cannot connect to device’

    The end goal is to load cm13 so far no luck in even attempting it.

    Any assistance or direction would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  31. Oh, didn’t know that. I thought I need Odin to get the recovery like CWM or TWRP on my phone. 😛
    Thanks for the information, seems like I need to check how and where to get those custom recovery.

    Thanks again for the quick reply.

  32. Odin is used to install only the stock/official firmwares on Samsung devices. If you want to install CM 13, you must install it using a custom recovery.

  33. Thanks for the quick answer, so I guess if i want to get Cyanogenmod 13, I will need to take 3.11.1, right?

  34. Hey there,
    if I want to install the cyanogenmod 11 on my Samsung Galaxy S3, do I need to use the recommended Odin version or just the newest?

    Thanks for advice.

  35. I will install another INU version of the firmwire and report the result. If that does not work, is it advisable to install non-IMU versions of the firmwire?

  36. In that case, some hardware issue might be the culprit. However, before contacting Samsung care, you should try installing some other version of firmware.

  37. It boots normally but shuts down and reboots in less than a minute. It is in a continuous boot loop. As suggested by you in another article, I had enabled USB debugging and installed a firmwire with INU CSC (downloaded from sammobile) with ODIN3 v1.85. As I wrote earlier, the result was PASS, but the tablet is in the same state as earlier.

  38. Okay, is your device booting normally? I have had the Galaxy Tab GT-5800 in the past and it worked normally despite that issue. It happens when you install a firmware with a different CSC that the one your device belongs to by default.

    Install a firmware with INU CSC and it should be fixed.

  39. My samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3100) is in continuous bootloop. I tried to do a factory reset in recovery mode. But it does nothing. In the recovery mode, the following phrase in red is written:

    did not match sized ‘/system/csc/common/system/csc/default_workspace.xml’ (No data available)

    When I boot the tablet, I get the following message: “Unfortunately, TouchWiz.home has stopped”. It remains on for about 50/55 seconds and then reboots. Within these 50 seconds I can uninstall some apps. But when it reboots those apps are still there.

    I downloaded the firmwire for GT-P3100 from sammobile and tried to flash it through ODIN in different versions (3.12.3, 3.11.2, 3.10.7, 3.09). The result was FAIL for 5/6 times. Finally I used ODIN3 v 1.85. It took one and a half hour but the result was PASS. When the tablet rebooted, the bootloop was still there. I went to recovery mode and the same message in red is still there. I did factory reset and cleared cache and restarted, There is no change. I still get the Touchwiz error, And the bootloop is still there.

    Can you suggest me what to do?

  40. Samsung Note(GT-N7000)
    Stuck on this scenario. Already tried almost all Odin version,switched usb ports and connectors but still no avail.
    Please help me fix this. I’ve been stuck in this dilemma for a month now.

  41. help. i’m stuck. always fail… i’ve already using every odin’s version and already debugging the usb, already following all the rules.. but always fail. i’m going mad and stres.

  42. I dnt think so …. i cnt enable usb debugging cuz bfore using the odin i can only access ondin mode . N recovry mode

  43. It fails …. n phn show frimware enycrptd …. select recovry mode in kies what to do ?

  44. guys is there any app or tricks can root samsung tab 3 lite SM-T116? pls help me how to root my tab.. direct link for the tutorials,apps,and how to install stock firmwares(direct links pls) .. thanks for the help.. i hope i wont be ignored..

  45. Rakesh Ji , i tried to reboot,Deferent USB Port AND also Odin10.7 still this same error.. My phone is SM-G530F

  46. flash a custom rom and then use odin to do 5.0.2 because when samsung released the lollipop update, they ended up breaking downgrades

  47. I want to downgrade my S6 from 5.1.1 to 5.0.2, but Odin cannot write. It ends with “Complete (Write) operation failed”. What can I do?

  48. What are the files I need to input in the blank fields? Im working on galaxy ace s5830M from Costa Rica, already have the firmware or .tar .md5 file

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