Download Android 8.0 Oreo RUU Stock Firmware for HTC U11
Download Android 8.0 Oreo RUU Stock Firmware for HTC U11

HTC released the latest flagship smartphone from the company this year which was the HTC U11. This smartphone was released in the latest flagship series from the company announced this year as the HTC U series. The HTC U11 was also announced to be the successor to the HTC 10 which was released last year. The smartphone was released with a standard design with normal bezels and a fingerprint sensor on the front along with capacitive buttons on either side. The HTC U11 comes with a single camera setup on the back along with the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset and 4GB of RAM. Also, the smartphone is now starting to receive the update to the latest Android 8.0 Oreo update which will be the first major Android version update for the smartphone.

Also, the smartphone was released by HTC in the second quarter of this year which means that the smartphone has received many software updates in the various regions around the world. Now, if you are a user of the HTC U11 then you would want to upgrade to the latest update as soon as possible because the OTA update usually takes time depending on the location and country where the smartphone is used. Therefore, we would like to download and update to the latest version of our device manually to get the latest security and performance improvements. However, the process to search for the latest update for the HTC U11 can be a troublesome process.

Now, an XDA senior member, 5m4r7ph0n36uru, has released a collection of RUUs or ROM Update Utility files which are basically the files that are released by HTC in different regions which are sent to our smartphones as an OTA update and all of these files are available in zip files which can also be installed on our HTC U11 manually. Talking about this collection of RUU files, the collection of zip file includes all of the variants for the HTC U11 released in US, UK and Asian countries including India.

Now, the collection of these HTC U11 RUUs has been bundled into a spreadsheet file which includes all the information regarding the update like the version number, version name, the region for which it is available and also the names of contributors who have added the links. Also, the download links of these RUU files can be found by clicking on the version number and the zip can be downloaded to your device or PC.

Now, if you have downloaded the RUU files on your PC, you will have to install this update on your HTC U11. Thus, we have provided the method to manually update to the latest version which has been released by the company for your HTC U11.



Steps to flash firmware manually on HTC U11 using Fastboot

  • First of all, you will have to download the files which we have mentioned in the Downloads section. The HTC U11 RUU collection spreadsheet includes all the update files along with the links to download which can be found by clicking on version number column from the list.
  • Now, you will have to go to the folder in which you have installed ADB and Fastboot and connect your smartphone via a USB cable to the PC. Once connected, you have to open a command prompt window inside the folder and type the following command:
adb reboot download
  • Now, your device will reboot into Download mode and you will have to transfer the firmware file which you have downloaded from the above spreadsheet to the ADB/Fastboot folder.
  • After transferring the files, type the following command in the command prompt window:
fastboot flash zip

[Note: you will have to replace the with the filename of the HTC’s firmware file]

  • Now, press the Enter key and you will see that the process of flashing firmware has started. It will take few minutes for the flashing process to complete and you will see a flash complete 100% message at the end.
  • After the completion, you will be asked to hit the Power button to return to the Download Mode on your smartphone.
  • Now, you can either turn off your device or restart your device in order to reboot to system as the firmware flash process has been completed.

Steps to flash firmware manually on HTC U11 using SD Card

  • Make sure that you are using a compatible SD card before the installation process and ensure that you have more than 50% battery left on your smartphone. If the battery on your smartphone is less than 30% then this method will fail with an error message.
  • Now, you will have to transfer the firmware zip file that you have downloaded from the Downloads section above.
  • Before transferring the zip, rename the zip file to After renaming to this exact name, transfer this file to the root of your SD card via PC or directly via a card reader.
  • Now, turn off your device and boot into download mode by pressing Power + Volume Down button for 10-15 seconds until the screen flashes.
  • In Download mode, the system will automatically detect the above zip file and ask if you want to flash the zip file or not. You will have to press Volume Up button in order to confirm flashing the zip file. After this, the flashing will start and after few seconds, it will show a message “end UI updating. Press Power to continue”. Now, you have to press the Power button and your phone will turn off.
  • After this, turn on your phone automatically and the firmware should be flashed.

Make sure to follow either of the procedure to flash the firmware on your HTC U11 properly and you will have a smooth installation of the latest firmware on your smartphone.

Also, you can comment below if you are stuck on any of the steps mentioned above and we will get back to you with an appropriate answer.

source: xda


  1. Thanks a lot, this is what I am looking for long time. My HTC U11 with CID060. I waited for very long in Singapore still no update until now. May I know if I update by OTA (zip) through SD card my phone data will still remind after update? Thanks a lot.

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