Work Your Brain with These 5 Free Puzzle Games for Android

There are a number of games available for Android devices. These range from adaptations of AAA PC and console games to smaller, more fun games to the much dreaded Pay2win games. In between somewhere, there also lie games that are high on the fun quotient as long as you consider storming your brain a fun activity. These games make you think outside the box in order to win. If you’re one of the people that love such games, here are 5 such free games to work your brain.

1. Flow Free

Flow free is a puzzler that will force you to think if you’re aiming to win. That is kind of the point of this article. In the game, you have to connect the dots of similar color to create a flow between them. The pipes you create shouldn’t overlap and the flow must fill the entire board. Flow Free includes thousands of levels in Free Play mode and that’s not just a figure of speech. There are also daily puzzles and a time trial mode in case you think you’re really intelligent. In the Time Trial mode, you’ll see the grid size and then choose an amount of time in which you must solve as many puzzles as possible.

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The game is based on a concept that at least I haven’t seen before so it’s also sort of fresh.

Flow Free Price: Free

2. Unblock Me

Unblock Me seems like the original inspiration behind similar parking games that used cars instead of blocks. Which is actually the inspiration for which is another topic, but what you should know is that the concept is incredibly fun. In a closed box, there is only one tiny exit. Inside it, are several wooden blocks of different lengths blocking your way. Your goal is to slide them around such as to make way for the red block towards the exit. Unblock Me offers three game modes: Relax, Challenge, and Multiplayer, with 15,000 puzzles in all.

The game gets really Challenging once you start crossing the beginner levels.

Unblock Me FREE Price: Free

3. Brain Dots

This is easily my personal favorite among the bunch being based on the physics of things. It’s a physics-based puzzler with a very simple and fresh concept. Your goal is to make the two dots meet. The tricky part is how you do it. You can draw anything you like, lines, shapes, structures. anything that makes the two dots together. You’ll often find yourselves overthinking when the solution is really obvious and that’s what makes it even more fun. You can utilize a variety of tools like pencils and crayons as well as different colors and sizes. There are more-than-you-can-expect levels through the game and you can even create your own levels for other players to try.

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Brain Dots Price: Free

4. Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain?

If the game was named “So you think you’re a genius?” it would probably be a more appropriate title. The sole purpose of the game is to trick you, and yours is, of course, to avoid being tricked. If you know anyone who wouldn’t stop boasting about his intelligence, this game will probably humble them. It has 100 questions, the answers to which are pretty obvious but clearly not what you think is obvious. You will need to strap on your thinking cap for this challenge. You have 5 lives to move forward through the levels. If you fail, you must go back a certain number of levels.

Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain? Price: Free

5. Brain It On!

This one is similar to Brain Dots in more than one ways. But Brain It On! is also somewhat different. First of all, they look really different. Second of all, instead of just making two lover balls unite, the goal changes with every level.  Each level presents you with a unique challenge. You will still be drawing lines and shapes but to tip over a cup, or to direct a certain number of balls into a box or something else. There are over 200 challenging puzzles in all and you can watch a short video ad for hints.

Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles Price: Free