Update Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 (3G+WiFi) with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware



The Galaxy Note 10.1 is Samsung’s current tablet flagship. The device was launched in August 2012 and sports 10.1″ WXGA(1280×800) LCD display, 1.4 GHz Exynos Quad-Core Processor, 5 Megapixel Auto Focus front Camera with LED Flash, 2 GB RAM, and a 7,000mAh battery. It was released with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) out of the box which was  upgraded to Android 4.1.1 about a month ago. And now Samsung has started the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware roll out for the Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 (3G+WiFi).

The Galaxy Note 10.1 users in Germany are the first to get the Android 4.1.2 update and it will be pushed to other countries very soon. The new update is already available in Germany and can be availed via Kies or Over-the-Air. To upgrade your firmware via Kies, Open Kies -> Select Tools -> Select Firmware Upgrade and Initialization -> Enter Model “GT-N8000”. You can also receive the update on your device itself: Settings> About> Software Update.

In case you want to update your device manually, you can download the complete firmware from below and install it using the Odin method. Note that the released firmware is for unbranded Galaxy Note 10.1 model number GT-N8000 only. Therefore it can be installed on any unlocked Galaxy Note 10.1 regardless of country or region.

Firmware Details:

The changelog or the screenshots of the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 N8000 is not available yet and we shall update the post as soon as it is available. Here are the details of the firmware though. It is a multi CSC firmware and contains the CSC codes for the countries listed below. The users out of Germany can change the CSC of their device to receive the future OTA updates.

  • Device Model– Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000
  • Android Version– 4.1.2 Jelly Bean
  • PDA– N8000XXCMA1
  • CSC – N8000OXACMA1
  • Modem – N8000XXCLL1
  • Date – January 08
  • Regions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

Download Firmware: N8000XXCMB2_N8000RBTCMB2_DBT.zip

Additional Firmwares:

More 4.1.2 JB firmwares for Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 have been added lately. You can download from below:

Greece: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OXXCMA1_EUR.zip

Macedonia: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OXXCMA1_CMF.zip

Serbia: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OXXCMA1_SMO.zip

Poland: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OXXCMA1_XEO.zip

Hungary: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OXXCMA1_XEH.zip

Hungary (T-mobile): N8000XXCMB3_N8000TMHCMB1_TMH.zip

Czech Republic: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OXXCMA1_XEZ.zip

Spain: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OXXCMA1_PHE.zip

Nigeria: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OJVCMA1_ECT.zip

Guatemala: N8000UBCMA4_N8000UWECMA1_PGU.zip

Chile: N8000UBCMA4_N8000CHOCMA2_CHO.zip

Colombia: N8000UBCMA4_N8000COOCMA1_COO.zip

Israel: N8000JKCMA2_N8000ILOCMA1_ILO.zip

Vietnam: N8000DXUCMB1_N8000OLBCMB1_XXV.zip

Malaysia: N8000DXUCMB1_N8000OLBCMB1_XME.zip

Indonesia:  N8000DXUCMB1_N8000OLBCMB1_XSE.zip

Singapore: N8000DXUCMB1_N8000OLBCMB1_XSP.zip

Argentina: N8000UBCMA4_N8000UVOCMA1_ARO.zip

Thailand: N8000DXUCMB1_N8000OLBCMB1_THL.zip

Hong Kong: N8000ZSBMB1_N8000OZSBMB1_TGY.zip

Brazil: N8000UBCMA2_N8000ZTOCMA2_ZTO.zip

Brazil (TIM): N8000UBCMA2_N8000ZTMCMA2_ZTM.zip

United Kingdom: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OXXCMA1_BTU.zip  [mirror]

United Kingdom (O2): N8000XXCMB3_N8000O2UCMB3_O2U.zip

France: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OXXCMA1_XEF.zip

Bulgaria: N8000XXCMB3_N8000GBLCMB1_GBL.zip

Nordic countries: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OXXCMA1_NEE.zip

India:  N8000DDUCMB1_N8000ODDCMB1_INU.zip  [mirror]

South Africa: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OJVCMA1_XFA.zip  [mirror]

Germany: N8000XXCMC5_N8000OXACMC5_DBT.zip

Germany (E-Plus): N8000XXCMC1_N8000EPLCMC1_EPL.zip

United Arab Emirates: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OJVCMA1_XSG.zip

Bulgaria (MTL): N8000XXCMB3_N8000MTLCMB1_MTL.zip

Serbia: N8000XXCMB3_N8000RXXCMB1_SMO.zip

Ukraine: N8000XXCMC1_N8000OXECMB2_RTL.zip

Saudi Arabia: N8000XXCMA2_N8000OJVCMA1_KSA.zip

Italy (TIM): N8000XXCMA2_N8000TIMCMA1_TIM.zip

Russia: N8000XXCMC1_N8000RXECMC1_SER.zip

Luxembourg: N8000XXCMB3_N8000LUXCMB1_LUX.zip

Netherlands: N8000XXCMB3_N8000PHNCMB1_PHN.zip


How to Install Tutorial:

Download the firmware file from above and follow the steps in this installation tutorial.

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  • I don’t thing the device will let you replace the Chinese firmware. It’s a well known issue. However, there is nothing bad in giving it a try.

  • doc fidelis

    hello i have a galaxy note 10.1 gt n8000 from china but not fake is original, no google play store and most of the pre installed apps are filled with chinese language, even the widgets give me chinese news. well id like to know if i root it with a german rom(Germany: N8000XXCMC5_N8000OXACMC5_DBT.zip) will it come like a regular galaxy note 10.1 with playstore app and everything,with an english language.

  • jack

    any torrent links india

  • jack

    giveme some torrent lint this is not working

  • Jack

    Thanks dude..

  • Jack

    Hotfile site has been shut down by US

  • Just wait. Where are you from?

  • Jack

    Please give me some other link…
    Hotfile is not mmore….

  • No need to install new firmware. I think you should also try to factory data/factory reset the device from recovery mode.

    Here is the method to boot into recovery: http://droidviews.com/2013/root-and-install-cwm-recovery-on-samsung-galaxy-note-10-1-n8000-n8010-n8013-n8020/

    If it does not help, consider installing new ROM.

  • Ardillon

    Hi, i have a problem, i tried to root my gtn8000 and didnt realized that the internal memory was encripted and when it reboot it seems that it has changed de password and i cant login. I was wondering if i put the original rom with odin this will solve my problem. Is it true?

  • Is your device locked to movistar or have you unlocked it?

  • RmAouad

    Hi, im venezuelan and i just bougth one from movistar, it came whith 4.0.4 ICS. will this work whith my note 10.1?? which of the firm versions do you recommend me?

  • There are nominal differences, such as some features and apps. Suppose callrecording in not allowed in a country, the firmware for that country will not let you record calls. In my Note 10.1, I unable to get some voice input features, for example.

  • is there a difference between all these versions beside the location?