Update Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9105P with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Official Firmware


When we first heard the news that the users of Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9105P (with NFC) in Germany have been reported receiving Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update, we just took as just rumors. The news was later supported by a few actual screenshots and then we became a little serious. However, we could believe it only when we got hands on the firmware itself. Actually, the reason behind not coming to believe that Galaxy S2 Plus is getting Android 4.2.2 update was the very reports that Samsung would send this update first to the Galaxy S3 and the previously leaked 4.2.2 firmware for the device was just like an official confirmation.

Anyway, the truth is truth after all. If you own Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9105P, take yourself as privileged as you can now update your phone with the Official Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean firmware. If you belong the Central European region or Europe, you can check for the OTA update by connecting your device to Kies. Also, you can check for its availability on your phone itself from Settings> About> Software Update.

In case you have not been able to receive the update and can’t wait to taste the fresh Jelly Bean, you can download the complete firmware and install it manually. Those who have rooted their Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9105P or come from any other part of the globe can also update their device to the latest firmware using the Odin3 tool. Only thing you have to make sure before installing the firmware is that your phone is not locked to a carrier/SIM.

The firmware that is available for download bears the version number XXUBMG8 has DBT as CSC and that means that it is originally for the users in Germany. However, as we already said, it can be installed on any unbranded Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus with model number GT-I9105P.

New Features and Changes:

The Android 4.2.2 update to the Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9105P brings a lot of changes and adds new features to the device.

  1. New Android 4.2 lockscreen with pages and widgets support
  2. New tabbed UI in Settings
  3. Move to SD Card option can be found for each application under Settings> More> Application Manager
  4. Improved stability and performance
  5. Two pages in Notification Panel with an extra toggles page
  6. Many others


Download Firmware:

Germany: DBT-I9105PXXUBNB1-20130910161645.zip

Germany (T-Mobile): DTM-I9105PXXUBMI3-20131112141241.zip  [mirror]

Switzerland: AUT-I9105PXXUBMI3-20131108154341.zip  [mirror]

Greece: EUR-I9105PXXUBMI3-20131107114341.zip  [mirror]

Netherlands: PHN-I9105PXXUBMI3-20131112140503.zip  [mirror]

Portugal: TPH-I9105PXXUBMI3-20131126160627.zip  [mirror]

Italy: ITV-I9105PXXUBNB1-20140424110517.zip

Bulgaria: GBL-I9105PXXUBMI3-20140113142952.zip 

Spain: PHE-I9105PXXUBMI3-20131217211135.zip

Greece:  EUR-I9105PXXUBMI3-20131107114341.zip

Netherlands: PHN-I9105PXXUBMI3-20131112140503.zip

How to Install Firmware Using Odin:

  1. If you have ever used Odin in the past, installing the official firmware should be any new thing for you. But if you are new to such things, follow the steps given below.
  2. Download the firmware and extract the zip file.
  3. Download Odin from the following link (skip if you already have it) and extract the zip: Odin3-v3.07.zip
  4. Make sure your phone is amply charged and you have Samsung Kies or Samsung USB drivers installed on your computer. If not, download and install it from here: Link
  5. Also, make sure that Kies is closed while you perform the operation.
  6. Backup all important data and apps present on your phone: See Guide Here
  7. Now turn off the phone and boot it into Download Mode. To do this, press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power keys together for 2-3 seconds. On the warning screen, press Volume Up to enter Download mode.
  8. Now launch Odin and connect your phone to PC. When the device is detected and you see Blue color indicator at ID:COM port on Odin, click on PDA button and select the firmware file with .tar.md5 extension.
  9. Then hit the Start button and wait till the installation finishes.
  10. When you get PASS! message on Odin, your phone will reboot automatically.

Note that the first boot after a new firmware installation takes longer time that usual so a little patience is required. In case, your Galaxy S2 Plus is stuck on Samsung logo even after 6 minutes, try the Steps 10-14 from this tutorial.

Here are the AnTuTu Benchmark scores with the new firmware. The latest scores are far better than those of Android 4.1.2 firmware.


Enjoy the newly installed Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean firmware on your S2 Plus GT-I9105P and do not forget to share with us the new changes and features or even issues you discover. Cheers!

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  • Sayed

    plz give another link, I can’t download this link. plz plz plz Rakesh

  • Sayed

    I want to update my GT-I9105p, bt I can’t understand…. help me Mr. Rakesh, please e-mail me mdsayed38@gmail.com

  • All firmwares come with multi-language packs. You can select your prefered language after installing it.

  • MR MAXii

    Ohh I love u man! So when it installs, what will be the phone language, or we have to set it up? And will it give any problems??

  • Yes, you can install that.

  • MR MAXii

    Rakesh I have a question that my GT-I9105P has baseband version I9105PXXAMC1, So can I install the Germany DBT I9105PXXUBNB1 on it? Plz tell me I wanna update ma phone phone as am tired of the old look!!

  • James Steed

    Thank you my friend!

    Quite a quick answer! 🙂

  • Well, wiping the device is recommended to get better performance via a clean installation. You wish to skip that, you can still install the firmware.

  • James Steed

    Thank you Rakesh for your quite detailed guide.

    One question though: is it necessary to do a wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition after the update? I suppose this is done through Download Mode, right? I’ve read many opinions that it is not always necessary, you should only do that in case it is stuck in an “infinite” loop while powering on after the flash. I guess you do not lose your apps and files etc, if it boots normally after the update.

    In any case, would you suggest to do that or just if there’s a problem while restarting phone?
    I’ve got an unrooted Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9105P and it’s latest software is 4.1.2. So, I’m planning to update it via Odin, as Kies is refusing to provide me any further updates.

  • No, you’ll have to wait for about a month or so. Not sure.

  • Pirte Alex

    rakesh thanks for 4.2.2 jelly bean !
    works just fine very stable !
    i have one question when it will apear the 4.3.1 jelly bean ?

  • Pirte Alex

    Rakesh thanks for the 4.2.2 work just fine ! is very stable !

    the 4.3.1 is not available yet for S2plus ?

  • DroidViews

    Well, you can choose another language after installing the firmware.

  • ralf tamer

    if i download portugal frimware my phone language will be Portuguese

  • ralf tamer

    if i downloaded the portugal frimway my phone language will be Portuguese

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    PirteAlex  Hi, I am updating the links. Meanwhile download this: http://terafile.co/65940351d6a2

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  • No, you can accept updates. No problem with that!

  • Zé Nuno

    Thanks, it worked really nice. Just one question, if my system says that I can update my firmware after I put this one, should I say no?

  • If you device refuses to receive updates, install them manually.

  • Jhon

    I live in Europa and own a Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus (GT-I9105P with NFC) with android 4.1.2. When I got to Settings> About> Software Update it say: You are using latest software. HELP!

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    Thanks for this post. Worked nicely 🙂
    Still can you please update the link for rooting S II Plus with Android 4.2.2 firmware? The link that’s provided now is not working. Thanks