Update AT&T Note 3 with Lollipop OTA and Root It on Android 5.0 (OC1) Firmware


Android Lollipop is considered to be the greatest makeover the OS has gone through so far. It was released about 5 months ago and is being pushed to eligible devices since then. While the devices from some OEMs get new updates soon after they are released by Google, the manufacturers who use customized versions of the Android UI, often take months to make the updates available for their users. If you own a carrier-branded device, it might take even more time than regular variants of a device.

As expected, the AT&T Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A started getting the long-awaited Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA updated just a few days ago. Most of the owners of the device have already received the OTA, but if have rooted your Note 3 or live outside the US, you might not get the new software update. Some root-addicted users wait patiently and do not take OTAs until they are sure of the existence of a confirmed root method for the new firmware version.

The present tutorial will help both, those who did not get the Lollipop OTA on their AT&T Note 3 for some reason and those who want to gain root on the Android 5.0 (N900AUCUEOC1) firmware. In case you do not like the Lollipop update, you can downgrade back to NL1 or NC2. XDA senior member Walter.White has not only shared the Lollipop OTA package for the device, but found a way to root it too. The instructions provided below are based on his post.

Update AT&T Note 3 by Flashing the Lollipop OTA


In order to flash the Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA package on your device, you must have the base firmware with build number N900AUCUDNL1 (Android 4.4.4) on it. You can find out the firmware version of your Note 3 by going to Settings> About. In case your device has NC2, NJ5 or any other firmware, please install the NL1 firmware first.

In case your device already has NL1 firmware, make sure it’s 100% stock. It simply means that your phone must not have root access to flash the OTA successfully.

Instructions to Flash the Lollipop OTA

Having taken care of the prerequisites mentioned above, just follow the steps given below:

  1. Download the Android Lollipop OTA package for AT&T Note 3: N900A_OC1_Stock(100%).zip
  2. Copy the OTA zip package on the external SD card of your Note 3.
  3. Enable USB Debugging on your device. This step has nothing to do with OTA flashing but it can be helpful in case anything goes wrong.
  4. Now turn off the phone and boot it into the stock recovery: hold the Volume Up + Home + Power keys simultaneously for a few seconds. As soon as you see the Samsung logo, release the Power button but keep Volume up and Home buttons pressed until you get into the Recovery Mode.
  5. Using the Volume keys, scroll to apply update from external storage option and press the Power button to select it.
  6. Navigate to N900A_OC1_Stock(100%).zip and select it.
  7. Confirm the installation and wait till the OTA is flashed.
  8. Finally, go back to the main menu in recovery and select reboot system now option.

Your AT&T Note 3 will reboot. Just wait for a few minutes till it boots up for use. You are now ready to enjoy the all new Android Lollipop on your device.

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Update AT&T Note 3 by Flashing Lollipop Firmware

If you don’t want root and your AT&T Note 3 doesn’t have the base N900AUCUDNL1 (Android 4.4.4) firmware required for installing the Lollipop OTA, you can still get Android 5.0 on your device. You can also use firmware file to restore your Note 3 from bootloop or to unroot it and return to stock. Download the Lollipop firmware from below and install it using our detailed guide.

AT&T Note 3 Lollipop Firmware: N900AUCUEOC1_N900AATTEOC1_HOME.tar.md5

Firmware Installation Tutorial: Install Stock Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Devices

Update to Lollipop + Root AT&T Note 3

  1. Restore your device to NC2 firmware. Download the single file NC2 firmware file from here and flash it using this tutorial.
  2. Go to Settings> Developer options and enable USB Debugging on your Note 3.
  3. Download the Towelroot app, install it and root your device on NC2.
  4. Install BusyBox, launch the app and tap the Install button.
  5. Download and install Safestrap recovery on your Note 3.
  6. Download the pre-rooted Lollipop and copy it to the external storage of your Note 3: SM-N900A_OC1_Lollipop_Rooted_Rom.zip
  7. Launch Safestrap and perform an Advanced Wipe. Wipe everything except ext-sdcard.
  8. Now go back to the main menu in Safestrap and select Install option.
  9. Navigate to SM-N900A_OC1_Lollipop_Rooted_Rom.zip and install it.
  10. Now return to the main menu again, tap Reboot option.

Just wait patiently while your Note 3 device boots up. You now have Android 5.0 Lollipop (OC1) firmware running on your AT&T Note 3 and the best thing, you got root privilege too! Enjoy!

How to Access Safestrap Recovery

Since Safestrap Recovery does not support Lollipop officially, here is a workaround to access it after updating your AT&T Note 3 using the Safestrap method from above.

  1. Long press the the Power button to bring up Power Menu.
  2. Select Safestrap Recovery from the Reboot Menu.
  3. Now you can use Safestrap for purposes like backing up, restoring and flashing ROMs.
  4. When you are done with using Safestrap, return to main menu and tap the Install option.
  5. Navigate to /sdcard/OC1_Kernel/, select SM-N900A_OC1_Kernel_Safestrap_Installer.zip and flash this file.
  6. Having flashed the file, you can exit Safestrap by selecting Reboot> System option.
  • Touseef Mirza

    hi Sir Rakesh
    I am again trying to intall (SM-N900A_OC1_Lollipop_Rooted_Rom) in SM-N900A according to your instructions but again the same error. now I got the picture. Please help me as soon as you can https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d8fde9ed8996e01cacc7cb5ff9cd0f21783b893ab0640b4057d36c8e02b94e90.jpg

  • Caribbeanhotrod

    Hi Rakesh. I’ve Downgraded to N900AUCUEOC1, but still towelroot won’t work. Any thoughts on this?

  • Caribbeanhotrod

    Thank you.

  • Downgrade to OC1 and then Towelroot will work for you.

  • Caribbeanhotrod

    Hi Rakesh. Thanks for looking into this. This is my phone specs
    Android: 5.0
    Baseband vesion: N900AUCUEOC2
    Build Number: LRX21V.N900AUCUEOC2

  • What’s your firmware version?

  • Caribbeanhotrod

    Hi Guys, I tried the process to root the phone…Towelroot just lags and then crashes. Any suggestions?

  • Trisha Donovan

    Hey guys I got a n900a rooted with nc2. My sd card won’t mount. I’ve tried other cards and none work. Want to upgrade to oc1 but worried I’ll mess everything up cuz I wanna keep root. Don’t have a computer to do it that way either.

  • odaine williams

    Hello guys I just bought a Samsung note 3 sm-n900a and I can’t get the Bluetooth or WiFi to turn on I tried soft reset and hard rest and none have work so far so please if anybody has any help please feel free to comment

  • You’re welcome!

  • James Amico

    Thanks for the reply Rakesh.

    AllianceRom v12 is based on stock Android 5 for the N9005 variant of the Note3. Seeing that it’s been ported over to the N900A, issues are bound to come about (ie: NFC Force Closure loop) even when restoring data.

    What I’m wanting to know is of the services/data I’ve backed up (no issues with restoring apps/app data), what can I safely restore that won’t cause my device to end up borked and requiring a ODIN flash back to 4.4.2?

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction to a script that I can customize to remove all this bloatware off my device.

  • Hi James, restoring the backup created on an older version of firmware will make the devices unstable because of the changes introduced with the new Android version. As for the bloatware, see this: http://www.droidviews.com/remove-bloatware-on-samsung-galaxy-note-3/

  • James Amico

    My AllianceRom v12 install recently went on the fritz with NFC consistently force closing.

    I’ve gone about to install this ROM but have encountered issues with regards to restoring my full Titanium Backup I created before wiping AR v12 off my device.

    Seeing that AR v12 is a port from a SM-N9005 ROM, when I do a full restore from TB it renders the device unusable and forces me to restart back to loading 4.4.2 via ODIN and using TR to reinstall SS.

    All I’m wanting to restore from my backup is Call Logs, Messages, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth pairings and a handful of apps. What in particular should I restore from my backup to achieve this?

    Also, looking for a SS script that I can flash that will take care of all AT&T/Samsung bloatware from this ROM. I have some scripts for 4.4.2/4.4.4 but it doesn’t get rid of all pieces of bloatware from the ROM.

  • Touseef Mirza

    Thanks for your help sir Rakesh
    Unfortunately I don’t saved any pic or screeshot.I have give up know after wasting a lot of time. Now I am running N900A_OC1_Stock(100%).
    I would be a great help for me if u teach me how to get it rooted?

  • Can you show me a screenshot or pic of the screen showing the errors?

  • Hi Greg,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and appreciating our humble efforts. Keep visiting and follow us, please!

  • Touseef Mirza

    hi I am new here.
    I had zero knowledge about these things like safe strap custom roms etc. but after reading this thread I successfully upgraded my N900A to (SM-N900A_OC1_Lollipop_Rooted_Rom). it was very interesting for me.
    after that I wanted to try some other custom roms provided by xda devlopers. I followed the all instructions but failed every time. after that I was also unable to install back SM-(N900A_OC1_Lollipop_Rooted_Rom). while intalling in safe strap is says failed and the last line of log screen is something related to partitions.
    can some one help me please

  • TheWiz Dyllan

    I figured it out. Thank you. When I got the right part going it all worked out the way I remember. Not sure where I went wrong the first time but at least it is fixed.

  • Try OC1.

  • TheWiz Dyllan

    Which version of lollipop would-be suitable for my phone and guaranteed to work? I have been able succeed on several other devices including this one but now I’m getting stumped hah

  • Downgrade to Lollipop and use the method described above.

  • TheWiz Dyllan

    Hi I recently tried updating my firmware from 5.0 to 6.0 which failed epically and caused me to lose my root access on the phone. I have spent over 12 hours now getting a stock firmware onto my phone that is root capable. Not sure why it is being so difficult this time. Either way, I do not have an external SDcard and was hoping there was a way around this and a way I can root my AT&T SM-N900AUCUDNL1 Version 4.4.4 and have it upgraded to the most recent version, Either 5.0,5.0.1, 5.1, or 6.0 if you can help this would be greatly appreciated. My Business and I rely on root capabilities, thank you ahead of time.

  • Wipe everything except external-sdcard.

  • Yomi Adebisi

    Thanks sir my phone is rooted and I already have safestrap on it but I would like to ask , when performing the advanced wipe. What am I supposed to wipe and not wipe e.g system, delvik cache, cache, microsdcard, etc.

  • In that case, you can proceed from Step 2 onward under “Update to Lollipop + Root AT&T Note 3” heading.

  • Yomi Adebisi

    It’s N900AUCUNC2

  • What’s you current firmware build number? You can check it by going to Settings> About device.

  • Yomi Adebisi

    Hi please I was wondering if I’m to go through the third method , that is update to lollipop+root do I need to upgrade d firmware first cause I’m still on kit kat 4.4.2 and I want to update to lollipop, or I should just follow d steps.

  • jason rata

    Hey guys. Still looking to get your “Back Button” working without a the S pen?.
    Thanks to the guys over @ XDA for the solution.

    After following this guide to Stock with Root I noticed that my back button wouldn’t respond to touch unless it was from the S pen. ” What a PAIN!!!!!!
    I happened to stumble across a forum relating to my problem that problem being NO Back Button touch response. The problem causing it? Incompatible driver file . This was confirmed when I entered *#2663# in Phone keypad throwing up the
    “Phone touch key fw 0x10”
    “Part touch key fw 0x12” results.

    Where as now I’m
    “Phone touch key fw 0x10”
    “Part touch key fw 0x10” after installing the firmware update.

    You can download it from here:


  • Naomi

    i can no longer download snapchat because ts says its incompatible.Pls help

  • Debbie Marks

    Can i flash a custom rom after this ?

  • jaylon carlson

    This is because the Google Play Store is in need of an update, and is trying to constantly push the background processes of Hangouts (random google apps), if you disable it through all of the spam, then re-enable it, it’ll give you enough time to update the Play Store so this no longer happens.

  • jaylon carlson

    I have had some very minor issues with it since this update, but that’d only be very rarely when I’d press it, it’d count as a long press, and bring up the “multi-screen” window, but this was usually under strenuous situations where the device is updating, and I still have a couple games in the background or something.

  • Timothy Felinski

    The funny thing is it worked perfectly on 4.4, I have done multiple resets including installing the stock 5.0 update and not rooting. The problems persists.

  • This is the first time I that i am hearing about this issue. You should try a data factory reset.

  • Timothy Felinski

    Anybody else having issues with the back capacitive key not working after updating to 5.0? After the update it only works with the stylus now.

  • Ing Genner Alexander Garrido


  • Ing Genner Alexander Garrido

    me funciono de maravilla tengo una note 3 nuevaaaa

  • Steve Baltunis

    The only comment I get after a clean install is “Knox has stopped.” I just delete all of the knox stuff from my phone with a debloater program. No more issues!

  • Steve Baltunis

    If you forget, your phone will boot back into safestrap, and you can flash it then.

  • Steve Baltunis

    This works great! I was able to delete so much bloatware now that I rooted (It was slowing down my phone on stock 5.0) and now my 900A works great!

  • Steve Baltunis

    Yes, every time you boot into safestrap. It only takes a few seconds.

  • Gabriel Shultz

    Do you have to re-flash the “Safestrap Installer .zip” every time you flash something? Even if you don’t change Roms entirely?

  • Alex Barefield

    Did not help at all. Just factory reset my phone.

  • stwischu

    Biggest headache I have is that most of these threads are 2-3 years old. I am not one to spend $800 for a smartphone or buy into a contract. So I always buy last years model on Ebay. Hence the Note 3 is new to me as of a few weeks ago.
    This thread is great because all the download links are ACTIVE and the root and update worked as advertised.
    After doing the Odin install of 4.4.2, it was stuck on the opening screen. So I had to go into recovery mode (pwr-menu-UPvolume) and do a wipe. Then it booted fine.
    The bootstrap program looks suspiciously similar to TWRP, but I followed the directions to the letter and didn’t experiment.

  • stwischu

    someone somewhere said you need to do a total wipe of your phone before the install to prevent that.
    When you install the SuperSU, it asks if you want to disable Knox. I said Yes.

  • Ira Seigal

    I have tried this a few times I believe I am following all of the instructions. It looks fine on initial boot. When I reboot I get a message that apps are being installed, and from that point on O get constand messages that processe4s have stopped. google Play Servives, Knox, etc. . Constant pop ups. Totally unusable. I have tried wiping, updating google apps. Nothing works. Does anyone have an answer fo this?

  • Sk Afridi

    first go to settings >about phone>status see end of the page device status what write there custom or official if there write official then go to recovery and wipe data then see if there is custom u will flash official rom

  • Usman Abdulhafeez

    could anyone tell me …when i turn on my note n900a it got custom and unlock sign at startup… what that means and how to remove it… I just bought it from someone and its 4.4.2 kitkat?

  • Tsiriniaina Rakotonirina


    My phone is SM-N900A and I’m on Lollipop 5.0. However, I’m always failing to root it:
    – I tried safetrap, but it says “Non rooted” phone
    – I tried to root it from Odin but it always FAILS.

    What shall I do if I just want to flash a rooted Lollipop one?
    Thank you

  • Rizy ramay

    i want to update my note 3 sm 900a to lollipop with rooted method but i have confusion when i read comments of many users rooted lollipop rom have so many bugs . so if anybody currently using a rooted lollipop rom on at&t note 3 please tell me do i update on not please

  • Ro013jo

    The steps provided worked perfectly flashing my Note 3 from 4.4.2 ==> 4.4.4 ==> 5.0!!

  • Max Villanueva

    Holy cow, you saved me from flashing my phone to stock. Thank you so much!

  • abocz

    Initially had problems with google service and knox processes crashing as someone below mentioned. Thankfully, I had taken a backup with Safestrap so I was able to revert back to exact image of my NC2 ROM. Tried the advanced wipe/install again with the same result. I reverted back again, and, by accident, forgot to wipe before the install the third time. Amazingly the install overlaid my NC2 and installed perfectly with all data and customizations intact. I now have rooted 5.0 with all my existing apps and passwords.

  • Hindu Nationalist

    Tried this already. It did not work. Though i liked the ROM, but i had to shift to another one. 🙁

  • Kevin Sar

    I still can’t downgrade :/ I get stuck on the AT&T logo, do you know how to downgrade back to 4.4.2?

  • YR

    Help me, i was using safestrap on note 3 n900a, i did a system wipe and tried to reboot my phone, but i lost safestrap recovery by mistake, now my phone just stuck on note 3 logo, and my phone is not booting into safestrap recovery even, please help me bro 🙁

  • bucsfan2

    Rakesh, I was able to follow every step successfully up until the SS workaround step 6. Rebooting from here always gives a boot loop (selecting Continue at SS flash eventually boots back to bootloader / recovery, but never main system). I followed the “Update to Lollipop + Root AT&T Note 3” process prior to that and it was OK- just flashing the OC1 SS installer seems to fail. Am I doing something wrong? SM-N900A

  • Rukbat

    Try updating Google Play Services, then restarting the phone.

  • Luis Chacin

    Hi Rakesh, S

  • petdoc7387

    WHooops. Sorry but I don’t have the expertise to give you a valid answer. But I would get, even a small microcard, esp if you are going to be dabbling in the system. Good luck. Be sure to follow the instructions EXACTLY as recommended!

  • Shaheryar Ali Khan

    @DroidViews:disqus I have sm n900a with software version kitkat 4.4.2
    There is no update available yet so I wanted to update. I have downloaded the file i.e N900A_OC1_Stock(100%) (mentioned in the first method) but the problem is that I don’t have the memory card. What should I do? How should I update to lollipop? Im trying this for the first time.

  • silentoutlaw

    Any videos to To go along with?

  • petdoc7387

    That also includes Kingo One-click rooting. Bummer.

  • No root method is available for the AT&T Note 3 running Lollipop.

  • Carlos ‘Camdanga’ Moreno

    same problem here! i downgraded from 5.0 to 4.4.2 to upgrade to 5.0 rooted but keep failing the GAPPS process… i tried to download a GAPPS pack to install it but no change at all after installation.. keep getting the infinite pop ups! @DroidViews:disqus @petdoc7387:disqus any solutions out there?

  • John Wyles

    Anyone know if you can root a stock Lollipop Note 3 without wiping data? I need to restore deleted text messages from my Note 3 but it has Lollipop and it seems all the undelete tools require a rooted phone – rooting Lollipop so far has not been successful using guides I have found

  • Carlos ‘Camdanga’ Moreno

    still can’t downgrade? i was on vacation hehe

  • Derrick Amundsen

    You’re very welcome, glad my post helped at least one person!

  • Franco Ortega Chiuppani

    Hi guys, Im stuck with the 5.0 lagwiz (touchwiz) and would like to install another rom on the phone , my note 3 is the AT&T (n900a) variant as well … but i dont know where to start ! please help me out ……

  • petdoc7387

    Well after about 2 days of install/uninstall/reinstall … I finally got it. At&t Note3 from 4.4.2 to 5.0.
    However, when I had to update Google services, it went crazy. Kept popping up with google services stopped; every few seconds. No matter what I did, couldn’t get rid of it.
    ANy suggestions would be appreciated.

  • petdoc7387

    Oooh that sounds like a winner. I’m also ATT and just went thru a pain-in-the-ass upgrade and root. I was considering the same thing. Especially since T-Mobile is covering the “runaway” fee. Good luck.

  • Nicholas Khan

    How did you downgrade from 5.0 to 4.4.2 please help

  • Reggie Beloved

    I also have an AT&T Note 3 N900A with OC1. I am leaving AT&T for T-Mobile and I want to remove the bloatware and starting jingle of AT&T from the phone.

    I’m kinda nervous about doing it so some extra TLC help would be appreciated.

  • Jeremy S Morris

    beautiful. wish xposed would work with this but i’m mega happy with the lollipop rooted thanks Rakesh!

  • sudhir chowdary

    Does update comes with touchwiz

  • Chris McElroy

    Thank You!! I am in he middle of flashing back to stock now and wasn’t sure what I had messed up!

  • Everything fine now?

  • Jeremy S Morris

    got into setup thank you rakesh for the great tut!

  • Jeremy S Morris

    It stuck on the at&t logo for more than 10 minutes so i restarted into recovery, wiped the system and rebooted lets hope for a better result!

  • Jeremy S Morris

    Turns out i downloaded from the mirror site and did the steps all over again (for the 5th or 6th time) and this time it got to the at&t logo and full jingle. hopefully this thing boots this time its been 12 hours of beating my head against the wall. wish me luck.

  • Jeremy S Morris

    I get my Samsun Galaxy Note 3 logo and the beginning but not the full audio que of AT&T’s jingle and then nothing the device just hangs any suggestions?

  • Hi, OTA packages require a specific base firmware to be installed successfully. Install this firmware: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95887005526790114

    and then flash the OTA.

  • Fernando

    Hello. Can i install this firmware on my SM-N900A. Base band: N900AUCUBMI9 ???

  • You should flash the stock firmware. Safestrap no longer works on Lollipop. You can use FlashFire in future.

  • Jensen Edgardo Cuevas

    Hey there I just want to know, I have a note 3 at&t lollipop 5.0 rooted , but when I use Safestrap my cellphone wont boot, the screen goes dark like for 2 minutes and the jumps me into Recovery Menu…and I lost everything 2 times wen I use Safestrap. Please help

  • Carlos ‘Camdanga’ Moreno

    actually I found a downgrade method that worked for me.. now i have 4.4.2 trying to get to 4.3 (ucubmi1).. if I find something I’ll let you know so you can update the thread if you want to!

  • There’s no working root method available for AT&T Note 3 already running Lollipop.You;ll have to wait until something turns up.

  • Carlos ‘Camdanga’ Moreno

    i bought recently a used note3 from at&t and its already running 5.0 lollipop (oc1).. how can i root it? obviusly cant downgrade soo what can i do!

  • abdul shahad

    I was recently looking up how to upgrade my note 3 which had the exact same provider as yours and the serial number. I wanted to know if you managed to get round to upgrading it from 4.4.2 kitkat to 5.0 lollipop. I have a note 3 SM-900A, N900AUCUCNC2. will I be able to upgrade this?, if so can you guide me on how to do it??

  • abdul shahad

    I was recently looking up how to upgrade my note 3 which had the exact same provider as yours and the serial number. I wanted to know if you managed to get round to upgrading it from 4.4.2 kitkat to 5.0 lollipop. I have a note 3 SM-900A, N900AUCUCNC2. will I be able to upgrade this?, if so can you guide me on how to do it?

  • Jim Jeffery

    SS does not work on lollipop

  • Mo

    Everything is working fine except SS. After upgrading to the rooted lollipop, Holding the power button did not give me the option to boot into SafeStrap. SS is installed but wont boot into SS recovery. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks in advance!

  • Chad Todd

    Followed the directions to the letter. Not rooted, already on 4.4.4 downloaded the zip, and ended up with 4.4.4 again. Not sure what went wrong. Makes no sense, and now I have to recover everything from backup. All it did was wipe everything, no update to 5.0. Help!

  • Shahid

    Thank you Rakesh , I have updated my handset and its running great with improved battery timing.got gapps.process error but that is resloved after reinstalling google play services .
    Thanks a lot for this easy tutorial.

  • Franko Batrez

    Safe Strap? I never downloaded it since i chose this method

    >>Update AT&T Note 3 by Flashing the Lollipop OTA<<

  • Hi, try wiping cache in SS.

  • Franko Batrez

    Hey @DroidViews:disqus I’ve properly installed the “N900AUCUDNL1” update to my note 3 since it had the “NC2” one. Flashed the lollipop firmware & everything went well. The only issue i’m having is my 4G LTE going away at random times. I’ve properly set my APN settings & everything works it just goes away sometimes -__-

  • Thanks for sharing your experience, Derrick! 🙂

  • Derrick Amundsen

    Hi everyone, I was able to get this tutorial to work with a AT&T Note 3. I had rooted it on Jellybean and had NOT upgraded to KitKat.

    I used the tutorial to flash to STOCK Kit Kat first, then used Towelroot to get root access, installed Safe Strap and booted into the Lollipop ROM. Word of advice: the FIRST thing you need to do is enable USB Debugging when going from stock Kit Kat to Lollipop, skipping this step will give you a GIANT headache. If you install safe strap or use Towelroot before USB debugging is enabled you will be unable to boot into safe strap recovery and will likely have to reflash the phone to stock.

    Good luck! Happy flashing. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  • I have already linked SS recovery in the guide: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95832962473398959

  • Shahid

    HI Rakesh,
    I am having SM-N900A AT&T rooted and unlocked on 4.4.2 (N900AUUCUCNC2). i want to upgarde it to Lollipop.
    From Provided guide i got it as i have to start from Step#5 Onwards but i am unable to download Safestrap recovery from google store , whenever i search it,google Play shows some other appa like “Rom Installer etc.”
    can i use Rom Installer instead of Safestrap Recovery ?
    do i need to unlock the handset after installing this pre-rooted ROM?
    Thanks in Advance

  • I’ll for sure.

  • Gary Shelton

    When i get home, i’m going to delete all files that I downloaded and start all over. I guess that’s all i can do. If you know of another fix… please let me know

  • Gary Shelton

    Yep. I just wiped it. It still does it.

  • Sounds weird! Did you wipe the device before restoring the ROM in Safestrap?

  • Gary Shelton

    Rakesh, It sends me into a boot loop every time I reboot leaving SafeStrap. It happens every time even if I don’t flash anything. I always have to reflash Lollipop + Root. Do you know why that might be?

  • Just do things carefully. Everything will go fine!

  • Michael Donovan Morrow

    downloading the kitkat firmware tonight, flashing tomorrow. WISH ME LUCK!

  • You’ll lose root after installing the 4.4.4 firmware. If you want root, just go with the Safestrap method.

  • Gary Shelton

    well crap. I went to SafeStrap and was going to flash something, but decided not to. I just hit reboot and it’s stuck. I can only get to safestrap or Recovery mode. I tried to do a wipe but still goes back to that screen.

  • David S

    Hello, i have a question i have a note 3 n900-a with android 4.4.2 and is rooted, if a update to 4.4.4 i’ll lose the root? and another question after i already updated to 4.4.4 can i run this for lollipop?

  • Yes.

  • Gary Shelton

    Rakesh, One more thing. Is this the correct link for Xposed framework for LOLL? http://www.droidviews.com/xposed-lollipop-now-offical-heres-install/

  • Gary Shelton

    nm. I think I’m done. You are awesome, my friend

  • Gary Shelton

    I just rebooted. what app do you use to check root?

  • Glad to know! 🙂

  • Gary Shelton


  • Gary Shelton

    Everything went sooo smooth. I was afraid that I was going to run into something. about to run Odin again to take it back to NC2

  • Now reboot the device.

  • Gary Shelton


  • Great!

  • Gary Shelton

    yes sir

  • The Play store error fixed?

  • Install Package Disabler and disable all KNOX apps: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ospolice.packagedisabler

  • Gary Shelton

    aright. wipe is done. I’m assuming that I’m just going to have to start over? also it is still flashing Knox has stopped on screen…. I don’t care, but should I just remove it?

  • Gary Shelton

    I might have really messed this thing up. it flash the same message as soon as I hit the ok button so I can maneuver through my phone. I did what it said about clearing cache and I might have hit a wrong button. I cant see Google Play Store anymore… the only way to see it is to swipe over to the ALL tab. Also it is saying that Knox has stopped.
    Sorry to bother you with this

  • Gary Shelton

    everything has went fine, but once I flashed lollipop + root, I’m getting problems. after reboot error is: Unfortunately the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped. Any ideas?

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  • Yes it will.

  • David Levick

    Will that also get rid of the custom padlock at boot? If not how do I do that and In what steps?

  • David Levick

    Please help me! I after successfully completing this i want to restore to stock firmware (no root). I simply tried downloading the original firmware and restore using ODIN but it comes as fail.

  • cccccccccccccc

    Some of us outside USA will never get att updates. For example my note 3 was still on 4.3 until this update to 5.0

  • cccccccccccccc

    Att unlocked sm n900a on bell Canada. No ota or kies update possible.

    As usual the instructions and links here worked perfectly.

    4.4.4 first via Odin, then to 5.0 via stock recovery

  • David Levick

    Restarted completely. I followed every step. Once again, stuck on att logo. Wiping it doesnt work


  • Debb Y.

    Thats a new one..ie dead robot. Think I’d just leave it on Lollipop and wait for a better root method, I am.

  • Debb Y.

    After root remove Knox. Every trace.

  • Debb Y.

    Pull the battery and put it back to restart.

  • Debb Y.

    Weird, your bootlader should have downgraded to NC2 also, mine did when I revertrd back to 4.4.2.

  • Debb Y.

    So all this is pointless if there are no custom 5.0 roms. I did the above and ended up with rooted Lollipop, great accept all I could do with it was remove bloatware and change some tunning services on my n900a Note 3, which you can do “without rooting” by running another program on the pc. This is all pointless once realizing I cant install a different custom rom lol. I reverted my n900a back to stock Lollipop. Runs better too. Id suggest no rooting until there are custom roms for 5.0.

  • In that case, you’ll have to downgrade to NL1 and then go with the Safestrap method.

  • Michael Donovan Morrow

    So I updated ota and now have lollipop. My phone wasn’t rooted befor. Att note 3. If I attempt this root is there a chance of brick in or messing up at all or will it wither just work or not work?

  • Download this firmware: http://d-h.st/Fl4

    Install it using Odin: http://www.droidviews.com/install-stock-firmware-on-samsung-galaxy-devices-using-odin/

    Then try Towelroot, it’ll work.

  • David Levick

    So can you tell me how i can root it now?

  • Towelroot does not support all builds of KitKat firmwares.

  • David Levick

    Yup, thats what i had to do. Now that im on kitkat (which i want) why does towelroot say device not supported??/?

  • If the 4.4.4 firmware installed without any error in Odin, do a data factory reset in recovery: http://www.droidviews.com/how-to-perform-data-factory-reset-and-wipe-cache-on-samsung-galaxy-devices/

  • David Levick

    I wanted to just downgrade to kitkat 4.4.4….did all steps correctly and now stuck at att logo!!!! HELP!

  • David Levick

    So this applies to all that updated from 4.4.2 to 5.0 with OC1 correct? Since we already OTA updated to 5.0 from ATT which step do we start at?

  • Well, OTA packages are meant for a certain firmware bases only so you can’t simply jump from this to that.

  • George Lp

    if my phone is Android 4.4.2, can i just update to 5.0 instead of update to 4.4.4 then update to 5.0 to root ?

  • Looks like the Zip is corrupt. Re-download the file and try again.

  • None of the methods would trip KNOX Warranty Void flag.

  • Elvin Garcia

    Now, would this trip Knox security flag? I know some stores will not accept my device if the Knox flag has been tripped

  • It’s because of root. Try disabling KNOX and reboot the device.


  • MakinItRainRed

    Also, on the first boot it may say that system process isn’t responding. Easy fix is to pull the battery and restart the phone. Boots up normally after that.

    A problem I am facing is a pop-up every minute or so saying that KNOX has stopped working. Any way to stop this from occurring?

  • Debb Y.

    follow the guide above, i was same as you, backed it down to NC2 then followed the steps took me 15 mins and have rooted Lolliop. Restore ur ph to 4.4.2…from Lollipop

  • Debb Y.

    i can use another carrier sim, idk my ATT N900A was purchased unlocked is what i meant……anyhow i did the guide above and it worked thanks!

  • Currently there’s no good Lollipop based ROM available.

  • Hi, being SIM/carrier unlocked and being with unlocked bootloader are different things.

  • Debb Y.

    Do I need to do all this of my Note 3 n900a is carrier unlocked from AT&T? I’m confused as Safest rap is a locked bootloader work around and mine isn’t locked…I’m on 4.4.4

  • Ramu


    Great work! Once I flash to rooted Lollipop, is there any best custom ROM (Lollipop based) for A&T Note 3 that I can flash?

  • The new firmware has a bit different storage partition table that needs to be updated too.

  • Ramu

    Why do we need N900A_OC1_ALL_Other_Stock_Partitions.tar.md5?

  • You can downgrade the bootloader easily. Just download the bootloader file from here: http://www.droidviews.com/how-to-unbrick-att-galaxy-note-3-sm-n900a/

    And flash it in Odin.

  • Monster

    Quick question: I was on lollipop 5.0.1 on my Galaxy note 3 atnt. i am missing xposed installer, so i made it back to 4.4.2, but my bootloader is still oc1, instead of nc2. is there any way to change back? I used safestrap and restored my back up, but its still oc1. Anything i can do? thanks

  • No, it’s not. You only need to follow step #5 onwards given under “Update to Lollipop + Root AT&T Note 3” head.

  • Ramu

    Rakesh, My AT&T Galaxy Note 3 is rooted and has firmware NC2 with 4.4.2 software. So according to this nice article, I need to flash four times to get rooted Lollipop. Is that correct?


  • You’re welcome!

  • Chile

    Very smooth install, now booting in, thank you Rakesh!

  • Thanks for confirming!

  • Adam

    Confirmed working on my SM-n900a. Thank you very much

  • Between, I have updated the tutorial too.

  • Chile

    Thanks for replying, don’t worry you did not take too long for a response, I posted that at 3am. I will give this new way a shot tonight! Thanks!

  • Hi, sorry for the late reply. Here’s an easier method:

    1. Download this file: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95916177934549604

    2. Copy the downloaded zip to the external storage.

    3. Launch Safestrap.

    4. Go to Advanced wipe and wipe everything except ext-SD card.

    5. Then go back and select Install option.

    6. Now install SM-N900A_OC1_Lollipop_Rooted_Rom.zip.

    7. Reboot the device.

    8. Done

  • Chile

    I am hung up on “stock-2015-03-24–23-26-50 LRX21V.N900AUCUEOC1” this file will not show up in Safestrap if extracted into it’s own folder, or as the .z7. It will show up in restore if I change the file type to .zip manually. If I do that I fear because of it’s greatly reduced MB footprint it will brick my phone. Please let me know if changing the .7z to a .zip will work.


  • Naya

    lolz thank you. hopefully someone will tell me how to fix this

  • Derrick Amundsen

    Ruh oh. Flashing and rooting isn’t for the faint of heart, good luck Naya!!

  • Naya

    okay so ive gotten all the way to installing the NC2 firmware, and now my phone is stuck at the AT&T logo. ive waiting probably 20 minutes and nothing is changing. i dont know what to do.

  • Naya

    Ahhh I see now. Thank you for the clarification

  • Naya

    When I go to the tutorial to install the firmware, it tells me to download the Odin app on my phone. So when I go to the playstore, and type in Odin, the app comes up as 4.99

  • It’s 100% free! What makes you think you have to pay for it?

  • Naya

    Okay, is there anyway to do this without Odin? or do i have to pay for it

  • Yes, you can.

  • Naya

    can i still do it even though mine is N900AUCUEOC1?

  • mayaco

    where do we get N900A_OC1_ALL_Other_Stock_Partitions.tar.md5?

  • Sorry, I can’t make a video but can confirm it works perfectly. It has been tested by hundreds of users.

  • Thanks for sharing the info. It’ll help others.

  • mayaco

    i got it working correctly… a few points

    1. make sure to use the ORIGINAL cable
    2. if you have the 16gb version (as i do), use the individual files
    3. DO NOT use the BL file or the PIT file and DO NOT re-partition
    4. After change, wait for a few minutes at the ATT logo, will look as if frozen

  • landon adams

    Would like to see a YouTube video of this working.

  • mayaco

    the phone reboot hangs on the ATT logo. Rebooting into recovery mode shows a dead robot (which is Android equivalent of BSOD). I tried going to NL1 (dead robot) then to NC2 (dead robot). All i can do is flash to NL1 then install Lollipop from external card to allow bootup (firmware is OC1 again after this step). Individual files gives the same result.

  • Where do you get the dead robot error? In the stock recovery screen? I am sure that you can downgrade to NL1 or NC2 from OC1.

    Try to flash the multi firmware files in place of single firmware file from here: http://www.droidviews.com/how-to-unbrick-att-galaxy-note-3-sm-n900a/

    or Try going to NL1 first and then to NC2.

  • mayaco

    oops…meant i have OC1 … get dead robot with any downgrades

  • You mean you got the OEC version instead of OC1?

  • mayaco

    hmmm…i cant downgrade…my phone had already updated to Lollipop and the firmware was changed to EC …downgrading from there gives you a dead robot with red triangle…so no root for me

  • It would work on NC2 firmware.

  • mayaco

    towelroot app will not work with Note 3