Universal Android AIO Flasher Tool: A Complete Android Tool!


Last month during mid july, an XDA user fonehacker developed an all in one functionality tool for the worthy android users. Let us welcome Universal Android AIO Flasher Tool! Fonehacker seems to work really hard in the development of this tool and recently it has been updated to a new stage with innumerable features.

Major features add to:

  • Fastboot Flasher: You may flash Boot, System, Data, Custom Recoveries, Splash Images and even Radio Images (Also known as baseband in few cases)
  • ADB Flasher: This specific feature will only work with CyanogenMod. You can flash Recovery Images, boot Images and splash images on a live running android device. The worth part is, you won’t need to restart (reboot)  your device.
  • Boot Animation Changer: It makes boot animation flashing easier, just select the respective zip file and flash. Make a note to “mount system” if it shows any kind of error.
  • Integrated ADB Shell:  By using this tool, a single click is enough to change the output console to ADB Shell.
  • Reboot Menu: It allows you to reboot in 3 ways: first is normal reboot, second is recovery mode reboot and the third one enables you to boot into bootloader (fastboot mode)
  • APK Installer: Install any apk files directly through this tool. This function is till in testing phase.
  • Universal Device Unrooter: It removes superuser and all other SU binaries.
  • Splash Screen Image Maker (Converter): Make & convert the images with this tool and resize them to your screen resolution with a few clicks.
  • Build.prop Editor: Acquires the build.prop from the device or you may import. Edit it with an in-built text editor and save it.
  • ROM Dump: You can dump ROM images in 3 different ways but make a note that 2 of such methods are still not tested.
  • Full Backup/ Restore: You can now backup and restore any ROM without taking your device to recovery.
  • Online NANAndroid Backup: Works with CWM Recovery, no matter what device you have. You don’t even need to switch off your device.
  • Screenshot: Easily take screenshots of your current phone’s screen with clicks.

Upcoming features to be seen in near future:

  1. Kernel Fasher
  2. Recovery Tool
  3. ZipAlign
  4. Odex/ De-Odex

If you want anymore features, then please visit the developer’s thread @XDA and convey your valuable suggestion and advises. [XDA Thread]

Certain Requirements for using this tool:

– .NET Franework 4.0+

– Windows 7 or Vista (Not tested on XP)

– Fastboot and ADB must be properly installed and setup before using]

 Things to take note of:

Those who are not able to get their device connected, please copy Adb, AdbWinApi & AdbWinUsbApi from your android SDK tools/ platform tools to to AIO Flasher’s /Tools folder. Replace the files and then relaunch the flasher.