“the FIRST” v1.0 – MIUI V4 Theme


“the FIRST”?? What kind of name is this for a theme? You might think. In fact, it is the very First theme of its kind (at least in my knowledge) because it is fully compatible with the MIUI V4 (ICS Build) ROMs. I used MIUI Gingerbread ROMS, craving for the ICS version, and when it actually came I flashed it, enjoyed it for a day or two, then rolled back to MIUI GB for one simple reason: there were (are) no themes available for it. Many a new themes claimed to be compatible with the ICS version but all we got was the icons and the lockscreen which even a non-v4 theme can change.

It was then that I decided to make a new theme for the MIUI V4, and after spending many days in grappling, I began to see some positive signs. So here is my very first theme for MIUI and I humbly call it “the FIRST”. Do not try the theme on MIUI Gingerbread ROMs as it is compatible only with the MIUI ICS.

What is New/Themed?

Almost everything is new in this theme. The credit for the lockscreen theme goes to its original creator, namely Zoe1210. The icons used is called the “TouchIt HD” made by some one else. I have just added a few more. Since I am almost a noob in the field of Android theming, I could not change the white background of the user interface. In fact,

creating a 9 Patch png needs more expertise on my part. To change the background, I have used a wallpaper. No doubt, my theme needs more improvements but look was not my concern at all. What concerned me most was to change the default graphic elements. Now, we have found a way to making a perfect theme for the MIUI V4. See this as only a beginning and do not expect miracles. I will keep updating it, so stay tuned.

[box color=”white” icon=”lightbulb”]Do not forget to REBOOT your device to take this theme its full effect.

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How to Install

Copy the .mtz theme file to SD Card/ MIUI/Themes folder on your device.
Open Themes app from desktop (HS) and apply it.

[box color=”yellow” icon=”accept”] If you want to post this theme on some other Forum/Site, or modify it further, please give a backlink to the original post with full credits to the author (Raakaysh), that is me.[/box]

Download Links

“the FIRST” v1.0

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Download “the FIRST” v1.01