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VLC 3.0 Is The Perfect Media Player For Android

VLC 3.0 is the Perfect Media Player for Android

Everybody who owns a PC knows what VLC Media Player is. For more than a decade, it has been the undisputed king of video players on a PC. Whether you have a Mac, a...

VLC for Android Version 2.5 is Out with New Features

VLC is probably the most capable multimedia player available on every computing platform. It makes use of professional libraries for media manipulation and can carry out almost anything related to multimedia with the correct...

Stream Media from Your Android to Your PC with VLC Direct

Earlier, we saw how easy it was to stream media content from your PC onto your Android device. Granted, with no guidance, the process could be a real pain. That's also true if you...

Stream Media from PC to Android with VLC Media Player

Almost every Android smartphone comes with an inbuilt video player. Also, almost every stock video player app more or less sucks. This is even truer when you compare it to third-party players like MX...

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