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Watch New Short Indie Films Daily With

Watch New Short Indie Films Daily With Viddsee Android App

Big budget blockbusters are fun, they are. There's nothing like watching someone with a red cape flying around on the screen, making you believe a man can fly. But then, there are also movies...
HEVC Video Playback on Android

How to Enjoy HEVC/ H.265 Video Playback on Android

High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also known as H.265, is a video compression standard, regarded by many as the successor to the AVC (H.264) standard. It was developed following the same concepts as H.264 and...

Looking for a Free Professional Video Editor for Android? Try MOCR!

Video editing is a very resource intensive task and mobile phones are clearly not meant for it. But, today's smartphones are very capable of doing some light weight video editing and thus it is...

Stream Media from PC to Android with VLC Media Player

Almost every Android smartphone comes with an inbuilt video player. Also, almost every stock video player app more or less sucks. This is even truer when you compare it to third-party players like MX...

iSkysoft iMedia Converter is an AIO Tool to Download, Convert & Edit Videos

Video converters are a lot less needed these days than they were before. You still need to convert media files if you want to sync your iPhone via iTunes. But at least on Android,...
Download and Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp

How to Download and Share Facebook Videos on WhatsApp

Facebook has been betting big on videos trying to challenge the monopoly of YouTube as a video sharing platform. While the amount of video content available is still way more on YouTube, Facebook's investments...

Understanding Smartphone Specs: The Camera

Extending or understanding smartphone specs, we'll be discussing smartphone camera today. The golden age of smartphone photography is here. Just click, edit, upload, and bask in the glory of numerous likes and comments from...

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