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Get Rid Of All Empty Folders At Once With Empty Folder Cleaner

Get Rid of All Empty Folders at Once with Empty Folder Cleaner

Android and Windows are a little similar in many aspects. One dominates the smartphone market, while the other dominates the desktop PC market. While Windows is not free or open source unlike Android, it...
How To View Deleted WhatsApp Messages

How to View Deleted WhatsApp Messages

For a while now, popular messaging app WhatsApp has been allowing users to delete sent messages. This is possible until 7 minutes after the message has been sent. If you're on the receiving end...
How To Schedule Facebook Posts, SMS, WhatsApp Messages And More

How to Schedule Facebook Posts, WhatsApp Messages, SMS and More

You want to wish someone on their birthday exactly at midnight because that's the kind of person you are, always spreading happiness around. Many people like to do that but not many people can....

5 Ways to Read WhatsApp Messages without Alerting the Sender

WhatsApp is probably the most popular and known instant messaging service of the last few years. It doesn't even need an official introduction. You, your friends, your parents, and even that cruel relative who...
WhatsApp Like a Pro 25 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

Use WhatsApp Like a Pro with These 25 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp is awesome and probably the most used instant messaging service in the world. It doesn't need any introduction, it's that popular. But just for the sake of an introduction, WhatsApp is an instant...
Hide Display Notch on Android Devices with Nacho Notch

Hide Display Notch on Android Devices with Nacho Notch

2018 is the top "notch" year for OEMs Xiaomi was the first manufacturer to kick-start the bezel-less trend for smartphones with the Mi Mix in late 2016. The device debuted with an almost full bezel-less screen,...
4G vs 5G Networks

4G vs 5G Networks: Everything You Need to Know

The success of the smartphone has been tightly related to advances in mobile network technologies. A basic part of the smartphone philosophy is allowing the user to share their thoughts and life moments with...
Time-Saving Keyboard Tricks

5 Time-Saving Keyboard Tricks Every Android User Should Know

I've been a smartphone user for a long time now and I can safely say that typing on a touchscreen device is not as convenient as typing on hardware keyboards. Sure, typing on smartphones...
Two Whatsapp Accounts on Samsung Devices with Dual Messenger Feature

Use Two Whatsapp Accounts on Samsung Devices with Dual Messenger Feature (Android 7.0+)

We are all 24/7/365 on social media Connecting to your near and dear has never been easier, thanks to the emergence of social media. Speaking of social media, communication nowadays is spot on with your...
How To Monitor Your Smartphone Usage on Android

Monitor Your Smartphone Usage with Phone Usage Monitor

Smartphones are easily the most addictive personal devices that have been created. However, these sleek, portable devices are not addictive themselves. They're addictive because the software enables users to do so many things. Sure...

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