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NFC on Android

What is NFC (Near Field Communication) and How to Use It on Android

NFC (Near Field Communication) is an interesting and useful feature that was introduced to smartphones a few years ago. This feature allows the transmission of data (photos, videos, documents, web pages, app links, contacts,..)...
remove unlocked bootloader warning moto g4 plus

How to Remove Unlocked Bootloader Warning on Moto G4 Plus

Rooting and flashing custom ROMs has become quite common these days. Most people are not very concerned about warranties, and even those who are concerned are confident that they can reclaim the warranty by reverting...
droid pc suite

Droid PC Suite is the Ultimate Cross-Platform Android Toolkit

Have you ever used an Android toolkit? Isn't our lives better with them? Android toolkits comprise of a set of important tools that are helpful in digging deeper into the Android world. You can use...
recycle bin on android

How to Add Recycle Bin on Android Phone

Recovering deleted files is a hectic task in Android smartphones, and the techniques aren't consistent as well. If you accidentally deleted a file in Android device, consider it gone forever. In Windows, you can...

How to Change Device Name for WiFi and Bluetooth on Android

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the most used modes of connectivity features on smartphones for sharing internet data and file transfer from one compatible device to another. If you scan for a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection with...
handwriting as font

How to Use Your Own Handwriting as Font in Android

Android smartphones are known for their customization capabilities. You can change almost anything on the Android device using several mods, apps, and themes. Fonts are one of the most customizable components in Android ecosystem....
arise sound mod

Enjoy Superior Sound Quality on your Android with ARISE Sound Mod

If you're a rooted Android device user, you might have tried many sound mods to enhance the sound quality on your device. There are many popular mods like Viper4Android, Surround sound mod, Dolby digital,...

[Tip] How to Turn Pixel’s “App Shortcuts” into Home Screen Icons

The Pixel launcher is the new home screen launcher app in the new Pixel phones. You must have already had a taste of it if you're using a CM14.1 build on your device. The...

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