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How To Replicate Google Dialer's Floating Bubble On Any Dialer App

How to Replicate Google Dialer’s Floating Bubble on Any Dialer App

Google Dialer, if you somehow didn't know, is the default dialer app on Nexus and Pixel devices. It is a modification of the stock AOSP dialer, with some extra features added by Google. The...

Tasker Tutorial: Creating and Automating a Task (Part 2)

Tasks are the heart and soul of Tasker, evident from its name in case you missed it. In the previous tutorial, we learned what Tasks are. We also learned what Actions are. And in...

Tasker Tutorial: Getting Started with Tasker (Part 1)

Some people will tell you that iOS is easier to use compared to Android. My own personal take to that is, that people only feel so because iOS doesn't let you do anything than...

5 Android Apps worth Rooting For

Android has come a long way since its inception. It has improved so much in a few years that you don’t really need to root your device anymore to get something that you didn’t...

How to Disable Safe Volume Warning (no Root required)

Okay, we all know that the safe volume warning is there for a good reason: to prevent us from going deaf in the long run. But for many of us, it is more of...

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