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Sony Xperia Weather Clock Widget on Any Android

Download and Install Sony Xperia Weather Clock Widget on Any Android

Sony may not be known a lot for its Xperia phones, especially in the west. The company does have a reputation for creating some of the most beautiful and functional OEM apps in the...

Add Tons of Features to Xperia Home Launcher with Serajr Xperia Home X

There used to be a time when the default OEM made app launcher on Android smartphones pretty much sucked. Even more so when compared to the third-party alternatives. And that time is not hard...
Download And Install Stock Sony Apps On Any Android Device

Download and Install Stock Sony Xperia Apps on Any Android Device

Sony is not a name best associated with smartphones. Most people know it as the company that made the Walkman and that makes the PlayStation. It does manufacture smartphones though and some pretty decent...

Install All Sony Exclusive Apps from Play Store on Your Android with Sony Apps...

It is no secret that Android is the OS of choice when it comes to smartphones. It is the operating system found on almost all smartphones except Apple's iPhones. Most Android smartphones are running...

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