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Datally from Google Helps You Save Data On Android

Save Data on Android with Google Datally

With our phones becoming smart and connecting to the Internet for everything, data use has increased ten folds. Add to that all the Instagramming or Snapchatting and similar things and you can see how easy...

Opera is Pulling the Plug on Opera Max But You Can Try These Alternatives

Opera is pulling the plug on Opera Max. Opera Max is a standalone app designed to save across your mobile apps, especially while consuming multimedia content. If you've ever looked for data saving methods...

Save Mobile Data on Various Data Hogging Apps with These Lite Alternatives

Many of us have a WiFi connection at home these days. And we don't think twice about how much data is being consumed while we scroll through our Facebook news feed or watch auto-playing funny...

How to Repair Corrupted MicroSD Cards without Losing Data

MicroSD cards are popular expandable storage choices thanks to mobile phones. But these are prone to some issues as well. Corrupt SD cards are quite common these days. Sometimes, for no particular reason at...

Tips to Reduce Data Usage on Android

As technology advances, the size of content to consume on the internet grows as well. The faster the internet speeds, the more the data consumption. Over the past few years though data consumption has...

How to Prevent Individual Android Apps from Using Data

Mobile Internet, especially now that most of us play Pokemon Go, is quite precious. We try to use it in the most efficient way, counting our time on Facebook and tracking how many Megabytes...

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