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Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000

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Samsung's firmware for its Android devices have several components and CSC is one of them. The term is an abbreviated form of Consumer Software Customization and denotes to a specific geographical region or carrier branding. While most features of a specific Galaxy device are common globally, there are a bunch...

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Most Android users refrain from gettings involved with stuff like rooting and flashing ROMs simply because they are afraid of getting their phone or tablet bricked while trying to do so. I think it is a wise decision not to play with things one is not familiar with. I...

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All firmwares for Samsung Galaxy devices consists of some components and if have ever been involved with installing firmware on your device manually, you must have have seen or, at least, heard of them. These files contain the elements that determine the status and functionality of your device. Thus,...

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You cannot get a perfect user interface with any smartphone or tablet unless you got a good PC suite tool installed on your computer too. Switching to Android years ago was a great move on my part but there is one thing I always miss in Android, and that...

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I got the idea of writing this guide for the beginners from on of the comments of a user at this post (thanks to him!). It is meant for those who have just started with Android and also those who have been using an Android device but do not have...

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You may buy a costly handset with industry's best specifications and features but without installing a 3rd party app, you are sure feel a void. Owning an Android device gives you access to millions of free and paid apps but at the same time it this multitude also creates...

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Android is the most popular platform for mobile devices like phones and tablets across the world with billions of user base and millions of new activations per day. There are more than 200 countries (dependent and independent) with people speaking various languages. All of us like to have the user interface and input...

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Samsung is definitely a global leader in the smartphone world. Its remarkable journey from just another OEM to the largest manufacturer of mobile devices has been outstanding. The company has set various sales milestones with its flagships in recent years. Despite of its popularity as a mobile phone brand and...

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The Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for Samsung's first phablet device, Galaxy Note, international version started rolling out more than 2 months ago and now, after a long wait, it has finally hit the AT&T Galaxy Note SGH-I717. While this is a good news for the users of this device...

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As a dedicated Android blog, Droidviews has always tried to address every bit and byte of the OS— from the commonest issues to the most complicated ones. And, that is why we keep striving to come up with detailed tutorials, tips and tricks on Android related topics so that...

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