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What’s the Difference Between Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, 400, 600, & 800 Processors?

Qualcomm is the most famous smartphone processor maker in the world. There's a good chance that your smartphone is running a Qualcomm processor; commonly known as Snapdragon SoC. What's a SoC? SoC stands for System on...

How to Check Your Android Phone’s Processor

Yesterday I was trying to sideload that Google Pixel’s Aurora Live Wallpaper from the XDA Forum and it had multiple download options depending on the type of processor your phone has. Now, I’ve been...

Understanding Smartphone Specs: The SoC (System on a chip)

Let’s face it, choosing a new smartphone can be a nightmare. So many brands to choose from, so many models with lots of proprietary technology inside, and a lot of bewildering terms in the...
Snapdragon 835 is the Chip Worth Waiting For

Why Snapdragon 835 is the Chip Worth Waiting For

Snapdragon is a SoC (suite on a chip) designed by Qualcomm for smartphones. In the CES 2017, Qualcomm presented Snapdragon 835 which will power the top smartphones in 2017. Some major improvements in Snapdragon...

Snapdragon vs MediaTek Processors : An Overview

In today’s world, the word “tech” usually denotes the smartphone world. In this article, we'll be discussing the most important part of any smartphone, the CPU or simply the Processor. Most Smartphones that People...

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