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Boost Performance on Android Kernel Task Scheduler

Boost Performance on Android by Tweaking the Kernel’s Task Scheduler [Part 1]

It is widely known that Android is an Operating System with much room for custom configuration. This is in part due to the usage of Linux kernel at its core. Today, we are going...
Improve Android's Performance by Tweaking VM Heap Size

Improve Your Android’s Performance by Tweaking VM Heap Size

One of the most controversial features of Android is the use of Java programming language for System and User Apps. Having a Java SDK (Software Development Kit) allows rapid development of high-quality Apps, that...
Speed Up Android Devices

Speed Up Android Devices Using Swap [Part 1]

In computing, paging is a memory management scheme that enables a computer to read and write data on storage devices for use in main memory. It is part of many modern Operating Systems and...

View and Manage Every Aspect of Android Devices with SystemPanel 2

Have you ever wondered why your phone is not as fast and snappy as it was when you first bought it? Android smartphones are designed to last only for a limited period of time....
Save Battery and RAM by Stopping Apps Running in the Background

How to Save Battery and RAM by Stopping Apps Running in the Background

When you bought your new phone, it must've been a wonderful experience. Well, at least in most cases it is. The animations are smooth as butter, and everything is nice and fluid. Over time,...
Difference Between Clear App Cache and Clear App Data

Here’s the Difference Between “Clear App Cache” and “Clear App Data”

While browsing the details of an installed Android app, you may have come across two terms: “Clear App Cache” and "Clear App Data”. Now, most of you know that these solutions are considered as...

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