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5 Paid Customization Apps Free on Play Store

5 Paid Customization Apps Currently Free on Play Store

If you follow us you are most probably aware by now about the regular app sales Google hosts on the Play Store. Every day, there are many apps and games that are made available...
How To Get Android P Volume Slider On Any Android

How to Get Android P Volume Slider on Any Android

We've talked about some of the changes introduced in the first Developer Preview of Android P before. One of the many noticeable changes is the position of the Volume slider. With the ever growing screen...
5 Paid Icon Packs Currently Available For Free

5 Paid Icon Packs Currently Available for Free

Over the last few months, we've been bringing you some of the goodies from these sales on Google Play Store. There are still many that aren't aware, so in case you don't know, the...

Eon Player Pro is One of the Most Customizable Music Players for Android

Music is for the ears, and a music player should first and foremost make sure that the sound output is great. That does depend on the hardware you have too, and the most a...
6 Android Games Worth Spending Money On

6 Android Games Worth Spending Money On

The Google play store hosts an uncountable number of games. While most of them are free, it does have a considerable amount of paid titles. While I'm not much into smartphone gaming, I do own...

Here’s Why You Should be Using the Premium Version of Musixmatch

Musixmatch is the best lyrics app for Android if you are willing to pay for the premium version. But, why would you want to pay just to see lyrics when there are lots of...
Grab Hitman Sniper For Free On Google Play Store

Grab Hitman Sniper for Free on Google Play Store

If you play games on your PC, or your Xbox, PS4, etc. there is a good chance you may have heard of Hitman. If not, you may have heard of the forgettable Hitman movie...
5 Paid Android Apps and Games Currently on Sale

5 Paid Android Apps and Games Currently on Sale in the Play Store

Google has been offering many paid apps for free this year. We've even covered some of the better on sale apps that we found more than a couple of times. Today's list will be...

Get iPhone X-esque Home Button with X Home Bar App for Android

2017 has been the bezel-less year for smartphone manufacturers with LG and Samsung outing their G6 and S8 respectively, eventually being one of the first phone makers out there to bring bezel-less smartphone design...

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