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Customize OxygenOS and Unlock Hidden Features with JOnePlus Tools

It has been some time since the release of Android Oreo-based OxygenOS through the OnePlus Beta Program. Users have had time to get to know the software, the things they like and dislike. Even if...
Easily Decrypt an Encrypted OnePlus 5

How to Decrypt Data Partition on an Encrypted OnePlus 5

OnePlus released the flagship smartphone from the company earlier this year which is the OnePlus 5. The device has been launched with Dual Rear Cameras, Snapdragon 835 chipset, as well as premium, build all...
Flash Encrypted ROMs on OnePlus 5

Flash Encrypted ROMs on a Decrypted OnePlus 5 Without Losing Data

We have all known the importance of security and its importance on any device especially the smartphone which we use on a daily basis and which stores the most important data like the Credit...
FrancoKernel for OnePlus 5

Download and Install Franco Kernel on OnePlus 5

Franco Kernel which is the most popular custom kernel for getting better battery life and more customization options has now been made available for the OnePlus 5. This kernel has been developed by a...

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