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How to Sync Android Notifications to Your Windows PC

One of the bonuses that you get in the Apple ecosystem is how compatible one Apple device is with another. That's because they're all manufactured and maintained by one company. Microsoft tried building its...

Have Your Notifications Read Out Loudly with Speaki

Back when Android wasn't as big a player in the smartphone world as it is now, I remember one of y teachers showing off a new feature on his Nokia smartphone. His phone could...

Hide Sensitive Content in Lockscreen Notifications

Lock screen notifications are one of the most useful features a smartphone has to offer. However, this ease of access comes at the cost of privacy as anyone could pick up your phone and...

Notify me – A Notification App for Those Who Forget Stuff

You probably know that Android’s notification center has changed severely over the years. Anyway, this isn’t enough! Some still say that Android’s implementation has some major shortcomings and I totally agree. There is no...

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