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Custom ROMs are the best way to change the look of your phone’s user interface, get faster performance out of it, and enjoy a lot better battery life than the stock ROM. While official ROMs might compromise with a perfect experience from user’s point of view for various reasons, custom ROMs are developed with an aim to giving users what they want on their phone.

Most often our OEMs are a bit lazy, and even unwilling, in sending the latest updates to their devices but the Android developer community makes it all possible. Most developers try hard to eliminate the bugs, loop holes and bloats found in stock ROMs and add  a variety of new features and mods to make you phone perform smoother and work with enhanced efficiency.

The very things that open the gates to the great world of possibilities for an Android devices are root access and a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP. If you have them on your HTC One, feels yourself a little privileged because you have the license to taste the real flavor of Android. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a ROM review article on some of the best custom ROMs for the HTC One so that you might get the best out of your phone. Today, we have made a come back with another ROM that is not only one of best in features, but also the most beautiful among all. Should I still need to tell you I am talking about  MIUI V5?


Did Not Root Your HTC One Yet?

How to Root and Install ClockworkMod Recovery on HTC One (M7)


I have been using MIUI since Gingerbread days and have also developed a bunch of themes for this ROM. MIUI V5 is certainly the most beautiful avatar of MIUI so far. Unfortunately, MIUI is not yet officially available for HTC One but as I said earlier, our developers make things happen with their spell. Thanks to XDA member adyscorpius who has ported MIUI V5 to HTC One!

The ROM has been released just today and so it is pretty early to make a judgement on it performance. It has just been 4-5 hours since I installed it on my One and I must tell you that I could not help being impressed with it. It does have a few little bugs and we hope that in the coming days all of them’ll be sorted out. Some of the minor known issues the ROM has are as follows:

  • Connection mode options are not shown when the phone is connected to PC via USB cable.
  • A little flickering while launching and closing apps.
  • Issue with showing the correct signal strength.
  • Problems in NFC in some devices.


The bugs we listed above are not that serious so as to skip this ROM and therefore I would recommend it all HTC owners who have a keen sense for beauty and customization. As you all know MIUI supports themes which you can download in hundreds of numbers via the inbuilt Themes app from MIUI market.

Downloads: (302.5 MB)

ROM Download Mirror

How to Install:

To install the MIUI V5 ROM on your HTC One, follow the easy and detailed steps given here.


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As time passes, more and more new themes for the MIUI V5 have been hitting the shelves. The default theme of the latest MIUI is beautiful in itself but if you are bored of the light-orange color combination and want a beautiful deviation, here is the HiUi theme that closely mimics not only the name of the ROM but also its spirit.

The major difference lies in its being dark and green. The theme is beautiful as you can see in the screenshots and can infatuate any person with aesthetic sense. The lockscreen is a simple one that also shows weather conditions if you have MIUI Weather app installed on your Android device with MIUI V5.

The theme has a customized boot animation from HTC sensation. The icons used in the theme have a blend of the original MIUI V5 icons with the those from older MIUI but they look nice. The dialer is plain but elegant. The best part of the theme that I personally like is the notification toggles panel.

The theme has been designed by Aries from the Chinese forum. The theme-maker has tried to change all elements of the MIUI SystemUI and Framework with dark green hue and he appears to have successfully achieved the goal. If you like dark themes, you would certainly like it. Download the theme from below and copy to themes folder on your SD card.

Download: HiUi_MIUI_V5.mtz

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AccuWeather Widget

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest sensation in the world of smartphones which, apart from housing awesome specs and a great bunch of new features, also comes with the new improved TouchWiz UX and more beautiful AccuWeather clock widget. If you visit our blog regularly, you must be remembering we posted the ported versions of the Galaxy S4 weather widget for some Galaxy devices like the S2, S3, Note, Note 2, Galaxy Grand, Advance, etc.

It has just passed a couple of weeks since the Galaxy S4 system dump was leaked on the net and our developers are already busy with porting the goodies from the S4 to other Android devices. The latest development has popped up in the form of the successful port of the Galaxy S4 Launcher and AccuWeather widget to all Android phones with a Jelly Bean custom ROM.

The developer has tested the launcher and widget on most non-TouchWiz ROMs like CyanogenMod 10 and 10.1, AOKP, MIUI JB, ParanoidAndroid 3+ and others. Since the ports are available as flashable zips, it’s needless to repeat it must be installed using a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP.  It’s really a great achievement on the part of Linq’z QIrls’z Chinese, the guy who made this possible, because I have never seen TW launcher and weather widget running on a non-Samsung device.

I was very curious to test it so I flashed it over CM 10.1 and it just worked fine. If your phone is on a custom ROM, it must be rooted and have a custom recovery installed. So what are you waiting for? Just grab the files from below and enjoy the Galaxy S4 launcher and AccuWeather widget.

Update: Galaxy S5 AccuWeather Widget

Install Galaxy S5 AccuWeather Widget on Samsung Galaxy & Other Android Devices

A Newer Version is Available Here:

Install Galaxy S4 Launcher And AccuWeather Widget On Your Android Device With Jelly Bean


Looking for Transparent Weather for Galaxy S4?

Install Transparent AccuWeather Widget on Your Samsung Galaxy S4


Downloads (for all devices)

Galaxy S4 Launcher:

For XHDPI Phones: S4_Launcher_[XHDPI] By_Linq’zQirls’

For HDPI Phones:

For MDPI Phones: S4 Launcher By Linq’z Qirls’

For LDPI Phones: S4 Launcher [ LDPI ] By Linq’

After flashing the S4 launcher, wipe dalvik cache from “advanced” in CWM and then also flash the AccuWeather Widget from below:

Galaxy S4 Weather

Galaxy S4 Weather Transparent


The following mods have been made by dr30ma from XDA.

Galaxy S4 Launcher+Widget Mods for All XHDPI Phones

AccuWeatherWidget +Main+SecWallPaper Chooser+TW

If you want AccuWeather Widget in transparent style, download the preferred mod from below and flash over the above zip.

 25% Trans_AccuWeatherWidget S4 for

50% Trans_AccuWeatherWidget S4 for

75% Trans_AccuWeatherWidget S4 for

100% Trans_AccuWeatherWidget S4 for


 S4 Launcher in Various Layouts for All HDPI Phones


Galaxy S4 AccuWeather Widget +Main:

Galaxy S4 Weather Widget [CM10] & [CM10.1].zip

Galaxy S4 Transperent


Galaxy S2 Specific Version:

The following port is meant only for Samsung Galaxy S4. Download the zip from below, copy it to your device and follow the instructions given below. In case you do not see the launcher app and widget in the app drawer after installation, flash this package first and then install the following package.

AccuWeatherWidget +Main+SecWallPaper Chooser+TW


How to Install:

Download the launcher file according to your phone’s screen resolution and the weather widget zip package. Do not extract them and copy to your phone’s SD card. Turn on USB Debugging mode on device, boot it into ClockworkMod recovery mode and install the zip packages as described below. Please note that the weather widget will only run with TW launcher so you cannot install the widget alone.

  1. Do not forget to backup your current ROM using “backup and restore” option in CWM.
  2. Go to “advanced” and “wipe dalvik cache” (do it before and after installation)
  3. Now scroll  to “install zip from sdcard> choose zip from sdcard“, navigate to the launcher  file and select it.
  4. It will be installed in a few seconds and when it is flashed, install the weather widget file the same way as in Step 3.
  5. When both files are installed, go to “advanced” and “wipe dalvik cache” again.
  6. Finally, go back to main menu and reboot the phone.

When the phone boots, press/tap the Home button on your phone to launch the S4′s TouchWiz launcher.

Additional Notes

In case the launcher and weather widget apps do not show up, navigate to the System/app folder with a root file manager app, find the AccuWeather.apk and SecLauncher.apk, and fix the permissions by settings it as follows: Owner= read-write, Group= read, and Others= read. Thus it should be like rw-r-r.


When it is set, reboot the phone and it should work. Cheers!


Other Nice Download Stuff:

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Galaxy S4 Original Wallpapers and Ringtones

Galaxy S4 Transparent Weather Widgets

High Quality Stock Wallpapers

sources: 1,  2, 3, 4

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If there is one really beautiful after market custom ROM for Android phones, it’s MIUI. Originally inspired by iOS and based on CyanogenMod, MIUI  is now established as an independent brand with a bunch of dedicated smartphones and a separate market for themes and wallpapers. MIUI is beautiful in itself and it’s charm is further enhanced by hundreds and thousands of themes that can be downloaded on free and paid basis.

The recently launched MIUI V5 has the best of MIUI so far. Just a few days back we presented the MIUI V5 theme ported to MIUI V4 but that was a light version. And today we are here again with the Gray-Orange version of the official V5 theme for the users of V4. The theme has been made by shahzad from the MIUI forum and it is still in beta version. The theme-maker has changed the light background with gray and it looks more beautiful.

The theme has original MIUI V5 icons and framework elements. Once applied, it will completely change the look of your Android phone with V4 ROM. Just download the mtz theme from our link below and copy it to the MIUI/Theme folder. Open the theme manager and apply it.





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Transparent Glass Theme for MIUI V4

The Transparent Glass theme for MIUI V4, as the very name suggests, revamps the user interface of your Android phone with MIUI ROM installed on it. In fact, it is just a partial theme that touches and retouches certain elements of UI framework and turns them into a things of beauty. Do not expect a complete overhaul but some nice glassy effects here and there.

As you can see, you will see frosty glass effect in the phone, contacts, music, notification panel, settings interface and messaging apps. The whole theme consists of  just 3.64 MB yet it delivers much. There are no icon packs or customized lockscreen, yet we recommend that you try it once. The theme has been made by the MIUI theme development group.

Download the theme and copy the mtz to MIUI/Theme folder on your phone and apply from Themes app.

Download: Transparent Glass MIUI V4.mtz


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The elegance of the new MIUI V5 can make anyone sigh for it. The ROM is currently available for a small number of devices and dozens of phones are still waiting for it to come. However, if you have MIUI V4 installed on your phone you can still taste the delicacy or V5 with the Ocean Mix HD theme.

The theme has been compiled by a Chinese guy named DHD from the MIUI forum. I say “compiled” because it is not an original creation. It has been prepared by collecting bits and bytes from various MIUI themes. Whatever the sources may be, the outcome is beautiful.

The theme contains more than 1000 icons and let me mention that I have removed around 500 Chinese icons to lighten the size of the theme.  The vertical shutter style lockscreen is not new yet it feels so nice. The theme has a well designed dialer that looks pretty. Almost all aspects of  MIUI framework has been touched and themed to give you a perfect MIUI V5 experience.

Download the theme and copy the mtz file to your phone’s SD card/MIUI/Theme folder and apply from the Themes app. Enjoy!

Download: Ocean_Mix_HD_MIUI_V4.mtz (50.30 MB)


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MeeGO v5_1.0.0.3

The MIUI V5 has already been released for a bunch of Android devices and the versions for quite a number of other phones are being tested right now. I has been a long time since I last flashed a MIUI ROM on any of my phones so I am not sure that this translated version of Meego theme for MIUI V5 would work or not.

If any of you have a device with the latest MIUI, please let me know. The N9 Meego style  themes are very popular among smartphone users across various platforms and if you are a Meego fan, you would certainly like this theme with clean look and beautiful icons. It’s is a light theme with nice look. The first Meego theme for MIUI was made by Tungi91 from XDA and later it received treatment from a host of modders. I remember myself making a theme using these icons.

Meego Theme for MIUI V5 has been made by a well-known Chinese theme-maker named PigTEL who has made a number of themes for MIUI. The original theme had Chinese so I had to poke my nose into it to translate it.

Download the theme from below and copy it to the Theme folder on your SD card, then apply from Theme manager.

Download: MeeGO v5_1.0.0.3.mtz


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MIUI V5_Theme_for_MIUI_V4

MIUI has finally released the V5 generation of its ROM for a bunch of devices. I have been following MIUI for a long time, almost since its beginning, and I can say that V5 have has been themed more elegantly that any of it previous versions. Since MIUI V5 is currently available for only a few Android smartphones, most of the MIUI fans will still have to wait.

Meanwhile, you can compensate yourself with the default MIUI V5 theme on you very Android phone with MIUI V4 or JB ROM. MIUI forum member Slqcc_ceo has successfully ported the default MIUI V5 theme. All you have to do is to download it from the link below and apply it on your phone. The theme contaned a little bit Chinese here and there, so I have translated it for English users.

The theme is very beautiful and the most beautiful about it is its neatness and elegance. The icons look very beautiful and the whole framwork has been revamped. Enjoy this awesome theme and let us know if you liked it!

Download: MIUI V5 Theme for MIUI V4.mtz

Source: MIUI

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Hi all, this is my latest theme inspired by the very popular video game for Xbox, PS3 & PC.  Most items have been themed including the Desktop free home.  The theme has custom folders and both 2X2 and 2X4 clocks have been themed.  Colours from the game have been used throughout the theme.  It also has custom Hong Kong style fonts.  The Window and the thermometer on the wall also change depending on the weather courteous of both UCCW widget & Google news and weather widget.

More themes will be on the way I hope you like my work so far.

Thanks for viewing!



Sleeping Dogs Themes

Window Widget

Thermometer  Widget

Would like to say thanks to my uncle for testing on his note 2

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My World - Free Desktop Theme for MIUI

My World - Free Desktop Theme for MIUI-1

The free or animated desktop feature was introduced to MIUI ROM quite a while ago. It was a fantastic idea to have another free mode desktop over the regular homescreen of a phone. Later MIUI released two beautiful free destop themes, namely Angry Birds Space and Warm Space, as exampls of how this format worked. Unfortunately, the intricacies of the coding did not let the MIUI theme developers dare atempt to make themes with animation. Since now, there were only three to four free desktop themes.

Here is another free desktop theme for MIUI which, I must say, looks best of all themes available so far. My World is a nature inspired theme that contains app and notification shortcuts in a unique way. It looks pretty amazing with the blue sky, floating clouds, windmill, a board with weather info and so on. In one of the screenshots you can see a post pillar-box beside a telephone booth that show you unread message and missed calls notifications.

Download the theme and copy to MIUI>Theme folder on your phone’s SD Card. Apply the theme from the Themes app, come back to the homescreen and swipe two fingers from top to down side to activate the free desktop mode. Swipe two fingers from down to up to return back to normal homescreen.

Download: Link

Original Theme: Link

Source: MIUI