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4 Awesome Gboard Tricks You May Not Know

Gboard is probably the best keyboard app in the market right now. To be honest, I was not much of a fan when it was called Google Keyboard, but when it turned into Gboard...
5 Gboard Tips You Must Check Out

5 Gboard Tips You Must Check Out

Initially, when Gboard was first introduced, it was introduced exclusively for Apple devices. And naturally, Android enthusiasts were furious. The reason is, Gboard was more than just a regular keyboard. It integrated the search...
GBoard Can Now Translate

Google’s GBoard Can Now Translate Whatever You Type

I have a feeling that most of you know what GBoard is by now. Google's new take on a keyboard application is getting more and more feature-rich as time goes on. Recently, Google added...

Install Latest Xperia Keyboard on Your Android Device

I have always been a fan of Sony's take on Android, even more so in recent times. XPERIA UI has evolved big time. Being an ardent fan of Vanilla Android myself, I always have...
Easily Share GIFs and Search Emojis in Gboard

Easily Share GIF’s and Search Emojis in Gboard

Gboard is the revised version of Google Keyboard and is one of the best Keyboards available for Android. This new keyboard is fully integrated with Google search, GIF search, and emoji search. Gboard was...

WRIO Keyboard Promises Fast & Error-Free Typing

From the time when the physical keyboards were abandoned for on-screen keyboards, their design has mostly stayed the same. From Google Keyboard to Fleksy, there is not much of a difference. Every keyboard in...
Customize Your Typing With Facemoji Keyboard+GIFs

Customize Your Typing with Facemoji Keyboard+GIFs

Even the greatest fans of Apple lean towards Android when they hear the word Customization. Such is the power of Android that Android and Customization are synonyms and go hand in hand. In Android,...

Google Keyboard Turns into Feature Rich Gboard – Try It Now

The wait is finally over! Google finally rolled out Gboard in the Google play store. Google first launched Gboard on iOS around seven months ago, which gave users the ability to perform a Google...

5 Best Free Keyboard Apps for Android

Text messaging, browsing the internet, and keeping notes on your smartphone all have one thing in common. You can't complete these actions without the use of a keyboard. Well, to be honest, you can...

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