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Get Google Pixel 2’s HDR+, Portrait Mode and Other Features on Essential Phone

There has been a surge in the number of Google Camer ports since the very first Google Pixel smartphones were launched. Google makes sure the camera on its devices are its strongest points and...
Portrait Mode from Pixel 2 on Non-Google Android Devices

Enjoy Portrait Mode from Pixel 2 on Non-Google Android Devices

By now, many smartphone enthusiasts have seen the power of Google's image processing algorithms. Last year, they did it with the first generation Pixel devices and their HDR+ technology. This year, they showed everyone...

Google Camera 5.0 with HDR+ for Exynos Galaxy S7/ S8/ Note 8

Google Camera is probably the most sought-after camera app outside of the Play Store. That would explain the numerous attempts at porting it to non-Google phones. Since the launch of the Google Pixel and its...

Install Google Pixel 2 Camera App Port on Your Pixel or Nexus Device

It is raining Pixels, well, stuff from the latest Google Pixel 2 devices really. There is a lot of excitement around the Google made phones and it is evident. The devices have barely started...

Install Google Camera with HDR+ on Snapdragon (820, 821, 835) Powered Android Devices

The Google Camera app was not an instant hit among even Android enthusiasts. On the contrary, it was the one thing nobody likes about the Nexus 5. But a couple of Nexus flagships later,...

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