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5 Android Browsers With Dark Themes/Night Mode

5 Android Browsers with Dark Mode/ Night Mode

For all the smartness on our smartphones, they still can't adjust the brightness lower enough in the dark. If the sensors aren't as sensitive, perhaps something could be done on the software front, such...

Fastest Android Web Browsers at the Dawn of 2018

We use our Android devices for browsing the Internet every day. According to statistics, more than 1.5 billion Android devices used the Internet in 2017, outrunning Windows desktops. There are a plethora of Web...
Block Pop-Up Ads on Android

How to Block Pop-Up Ads on Android

There's hardly anything more annoying than pop-up ads, especially on a mobile device. On the computer, you can easily click close to get rid of pop-ups. Plus, there are many ad-blockers available for desktops....
Pin Websites to Home Screen on Android

How to Pin Websites to Home Screen on Android with Chrome and Firefox

You can pin shortcuts to your favorite websites on your computer and that is well known. You can also pin your favorite websites to your Android device's home screen. This is not as well...
Save Links To Firefox On Android With Tab Queue To View Them Later

Save Links to Firefox on Android with Tab Queue to View Them Later

Native apps are great for smartphones. Just use the native Facebook app for iOS or Android and the mobile website and the stark differences in fluidity and performance are quite clear. But native apps...
5 Must Have Firefox Extensions for Android

5 Must Have Firefox Extensions for Android

Firefox has made a few headlines with the release of their new and improved web browser Firefox Quantum. The new Firefox, on the PC, is significantly faster than the old one and even faster...
3 Ad-Blocker Add-Ons for Firefox on Android

3 Ad-Blocker Add-Ons for Firefox on Android

Firefox Web Browser has had an Android port since Firefox 4.0. Until recently, the predominant opinion among Android users claimed that Firefox was always one step behind Google's Chrome Browser on Android, in terms...

Firefox Version 57.0 is Officially Released with Big Improvements

Long awaited Firefox 57.0 is officially out on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, i-OS and Android platforms. Version 57.0 of Firefox browser is special because it implements features resulting from long-time research and development. This...

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