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Get Rid Of All Empty Folders At Once With Empty Folder Cleaner

Get Rid of All Empty Folders at Once with Empty Folder Cleaner

Android and Windows are a little similar in many aspects. One dominates the smartphone market, while the other dominates the desktop PC market. While Windows is not free or open source unlike Android, it...
Files Go - A File Manager by Google [Download APK]

Files Go – A File Manager by Google [Download APK]

Android has had built-in file managers for a very, very long time thanks to the various OEMs. It wasn't until recently though that stock Android got a file manager of its own. It wasn't...

Try a Different File Manager: Ghost Commander

If you are an advanced Windows or GNU/Linux desktop user, you should have heard of Norton Commander and Midnight Commander. These Applications are the principal representatives of orthodox file managers. In the era of...

How to Use Android as a Wireless Flash Drive

An Android smartphone can do a lot of things that the competition just can't. One of those things had been the ease of transferring files between your PC and your Android. It has always...
ES File Explorer Review

ES File Explorer Review: Best Available File Manager

According to Google, as the era of Cloud storage has arrived, file managers are a thing of past. That’s why nowadays Android come without a file manager. But, most people aren’t as open to...

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