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Block Pop-Up Ads on Android

How to Block Pop-Up Ads on Android

There's hardly anything more annoying than pop-up ads, especially on a mobile device. On the computer, you can easily click close to get rid of pop-ups. Plus, there are many ad-blockers available for desktops....
How To Block Those Pesky Redirect Ads In Google Chrome

How to Block Those Pesky Redirect Ads in Google Chrome

If you do any significant amount of Internet browsing on your Android device, you have likely faced the ads we're going to be talking about. These redirect ads appear on a page and, you...

How to Block Ads on Android Devices

We all come across free apps that most certainly have those annoying advertisements in them. However, advertisements are essential to the company for profit but these days they have become very distracting and inappropriate....

Hobi is the Best Episode Tracker on Android

Being an introvert, my perfect weekend is somewhat different than the rest of my friends. Instead of partying out and getting wasted, I prefer to stay in on the weekends and catch up on...

How to Block System-wide Ads on Android without Root or Battery Drain

Google provides Android, an OS which has captured more than 86% of the smartphone market, for a mere cost of free. Then there are also a huge number of free apps on the Google...

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