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The Cleaner is clean and pretty straightforward Android application. It is simple to use and gets its job done. We could say it has a role of your very own smartphone “house keeper”. We all know that feeling of frustration after using a phone for a while. Within months, it just starts to feel slower and outdated, even though the hardware didn’t change.

Phone simply gets bloated with that extra information that applications start to pile up in cache memory, old documents that we’ve downloaded months back and were never deleted, applications that are kept in RAM even though we only used Google Translate, for example, to translate one word 5 hours ago, and so on and so forth.

We usually (at least me) don’t bother with stuff like this. Hitting home key for purpose of leaving/exiting application, not deleting downloaded one-time-used documents, not cleaning cache of every single installed application… Those are operations that require my time, and I don’t have it for spare.

If you find yourself in a situation like this every so often, you might want to try The Cleaner. In a form of widget, you can clean your phone with just 2 clicks. The Cleaner’s user interface design is clean and simple and it gets its job done perfectly!


After analyzing your phone’s memory, you’ll see a list of applications that are using your memory storage and the amount of it. Just tick the ones you’d like to free your memory of. With a swipe left (for the right side of the screen towards left), you’ll switch to “storage” section. From here, old and unused files/documents can be eliminated. The configuration is the same as with memory “freeing” screen.


Simple design along with nice animations that are present through all the application, makes The Cleaner a joy to use. Plus, there are several different themes you can choose from, so you can make it suit your criteria! One extra theme  is for free, the others are available through in-app purchases.


Of course, Like many apps, The Cleaner also comes with a couple of widgets for your homescreen so that you can clean your device quickly in a single tap. And as the whole app was, widget is clean and simple.


To sum up, The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean is a very useful app for all Android users who are facing issues like slow performance and low RAM. By using The Cleaner at intervals, you can significantly boost the performance of your device. Since it’s a free app, you don’t have to repent in case you feel that it does not help you speed up your device. Just try it once and you will be happy with it!


The Cleaner Download Link


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Android stands for ultimate customization. Yes, you can change, modify and customize each and every aspect of the operating system with or without root access. Are you not happy with your phone’s stock lockscreen, home launcher, clock and weather widgets, fonts, icons, keyboard, contacts and dialer apps? You can always find many third-party alternatives for every feature and function of your device.

At DroidViews, we keep reviewing and sharing interesting apps that can enhance your mobile experience and let you renew the look of its user interface. The lock screen of an Android device is probably the most viewed screens. The Google Play Store is stuffed with lock screen replacement apps and the variety is such as might confuse users in selecting a really good lock screen app.

So, what kind of lock screen do you want on your Android device? Replies might differ but there are some requisites upon which many of us might agree. As for me, I think a good unsecured lock screen should show all everyday info like date, time, weather and, at the same time easy and quick access to the apps that we use most often. Clean and minimal look is yet another quality of a good lockscreen.

We reviewed several lock screen apps for Android devices in the past. Every new app that hits the Google Play store, brings something new and appealing. Today, we shall take a look at another beautiful lockscreen app named CM Locker. Apart from giving you the common information like Clock, weather and date, CM locker also shows a list of the most commonly used apps. It smartly gathers the info about your favorite apps and lists them on the lock screen at the left edge of the screen vertically.


CM Locker is an iOS7 like slide lockscreen with a camera shortcut at the bottom of the screen. By tapping the weather icon you can get detailed and realtime weather info. CM locker also shows you a quick preview of messages and other things. By tapping the settings icon on the lockscreen, you can directly jump to CM Locker app settings.


By using the App Filter option, you can determine what apps you want to show on the lockscreen and you can also add apps to blacklist. Then, there are some commonplace things like wallpaper and weather settings. CM Locker is really a good option for those who like a clean looking lockscreen with easy app access. Give it a try, you would like it!

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Android is achieving great heights in all the aspects when it comes to competing with other OS’s smartphones. Let it be hardware specs, software updates, possibility to modify, compatibility, Android rules it all. One thing that has always pinched the Android Smartphone users is the non-availability of a content-management software for their devices. While iOS has iTunes, Blackberry has Blackberry Desktop Software, Nokia’s has Nokia PC Suite and Android has got? Unfortunately, nothing.

I’ve browsed the web with my ongoing search regarding a Managing software for my Android devices. Tried many but turned my back to them because each of them either had limited features or was paid, and why shall we pay for our Smartphone’s basic necessity. Finally, after all my research I came to conclude that the best Smartphone Managing software for an Android device is MoboRobo, which is a free software for any PC running Windows OS.

Out of Mobo Community’s products MoboRobo is one and MoboLive is another, which we have already reviewed earlier here.


About MoboRobo

MoboRobo is your smartphone’s best companion. It is a Software Management Tool that syncs your Android Smartphone to your PC and perform numerous unique features. It is available to operate on any Desktop/Laptop PC running Windows XP/Vista or 7. The latest version is Beta which was released on 1st April 2014.

This multi-function tool performs various tasks, of which managing Apps, Storage, Contacts, Messages are just a few. The complete list of functions are mentioned below and following it is the in-depth explanation of the major ones.

What’s new in v2.1.6.107

The latest update has added MoboLive in-built into the tool. Check out Latest, New and Recommended themes for MoboLive and Install them. Read more about MoboLive here. The tool now also supports an iPhone running iOS7. Several other bug fixes are accompanied.


Features Offered By MoboRobo

  • Connect various devices at once and switch between them at your own will.
  • View inch by inch information of your device and its current conditions. This includes Device Model, Android Version, Battery Level and Storage Information.
  • Receive notifications directly on your desktop for any new Texts or Calls.
  • Backup/Restore your Smartphone’s complete data including Contacts, Messages, Call Logs, Images, Wallpapers, Theme, Music, Ringtones, Apps and App Data.
  • File Manager lets you quick access your device storage in a much more graceful way and lets you perform various management operations.
  • Contacts management has never been this easy. Add, delete, edit,  import, export, backup or restore them in no time.
  • View, manage and send Text Messages directly from the tool window.
  • Edit and view Call Logs
  • View Installed and System Apps in detail, Install/Uninstall or transfer Apps.
  • Install APK directly from your PC
  • Delete System Apps easily (Only for Rooted Smartphones)
  • Update Apps directly using App Updater.
  • Install a huge list of new Apps and Games from Mobo Market.
  • Manage Images on your device’s Gallery, Sync between the PC Gallery and your device.
  • Download latest and new wallpapers.
  • Sync your Music, manage it, set Phone ringtone, notification tones or download new music.
  • Sync and Manage your video library.
  • Install Mobo Player, a perfect alternative to the stock Android Video Player offering tons of new features.
  • Let your PC do the job for downloading and hence save your Mobile Data at a large extent.
  • An interactive user interface which is easy to understand and operate, even if you’re not familiar to the tool.

Above we have outlined the functions that MoboRobo can serve you with and Below are the major ones explained.


In-sight Of Some Major Features

Since the list is too long and the words are limited, we are bound to make you go through some major features of the MoboRobo tool.

1. Backup and Restore everything

Previously you have used different Apps corresponding to the type of data you wanted to backup. But now, you don’t need to put yourself through such hassle anymore because MoboRobo is here to assist you. The Backup and Restore function of this tool allows you to backup everything on your device which includes Contacts, Messages, Call Logs, Images, Wallpapers, Music, Ringtones, Apps and App Data, all this using a single tool.

The backup and restore, both the processes could be carried out either on a whole or selectively backing up the content. To backup or restore all the data of your device completely, you could go to the Home tab, click on Backup/Restore and follow the onscreen instructions.



2. Manage All Apps

Another remarkable feature lies under the Apps tab of the MoboRobo window. You can view your Installed and System Apps in much more detail and manage the current Apps. Install hundreds of free Apps and Games directly from MoboMarket and hence save your mobile data.

If you have an APK on your PC which is waiting for installation, you can do it simply by using the App Library feature by just dragging and dropping the APK file. App Updater is yet another new feature which checks your device for Apps that needs to be updated and notifies you. Not only Installed Apps, MoboRobo also lets its user to uninstall System Apps provided that your device is rooted.


3. Not Only USB, Over Wi-Fi Too

MoboRobo not only supports a sync between your smartphone and the PC via USB cable but also beholds special wireless compatibility, to perform the same operations without any limitations. Use the Mobo Daemon to scan the QR code from the Home tab and it would take a matter of seconds to connect.


4. MoboLive And Theme Support

The most innovative Mobo product is the MoboLive, which is Launcher App. It is a completely customizable and buttery smooth to operate. MoboLive supports a huge list of beautiful themes which can make your device’s UI appear much more appealing and attractive. Other features include enormous transition effects, wide range of wallpapers, Quick access to Apps, additional widgets, Ability to hide Apps and much more.

So, if you have Installed MoboLive, do not trouble yourself and your Mobile data to download themes, just connect your smartphone to the PC, launch MoboRobo and access the Themes tab.  Visit Theme Center to view and download the latest and the most popular themes available. Or, if you already have the APK file of the theme, just use the Theme Library option to install it directly to the device.



Nothing beats MoboRobo! Its simple, its fast and it packs tons of features altogether. To sum up, MoboRobo is the best Smartphone Management software available for Android. Offers so much and asks for nothing (Its FREE!) in return but your love and feedback. You won’t need other separate Apps or software anymore to backup every single content, you have MoboRobo that does everything for you.


Moborobo Tool

Follow Moborobo on Facebook and Twitter

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The attitude of Android users regarding rooting their device differ. Many people keep away from rooting their phone or tablet because they are afraid of losing the warranty or bricking it. There is still a big group of users that does not even know about rooting or how it is useful. Then, there are users who cannot not go a single day with their device unless it is rooted.

Rooting an Android device does put its warranty on stake and there might be other risks too, but the truth is this— having a rooted Android device is in asset that pays for all risks involved with it. Having rooted your phone, you can tweak it, improve its performance, enjoy better battery life and customize it in many ways with the help of apps and mods. Root privilege is really very useful but it might turn into a liability in certain situations.

There is a good number of useful apps that refuse to work on your device once they detect root access on the device. Sometimes such apps so vital to a user that he/she might feel forced to unroot the device. Some people go the other way, they keep enabling and disabling SuperUser at times when they have to use an app that disdains root.


Disabling root or temporarily unrooting your device are not substantial solutions because doing that prevents all apps from utilizing root access. If you use one or more such apps and have been looking for an easy remedy, RootCloak brings the best of both worlds to you.

There are some apps in the Play Store that do not run if they detect root on the device. RootCloak uses a variety of methods to prevent root detection by such apps on Android devices. To hide root on your device, you can install RootCloak in two ways:

  • As an independent app which requires the the Cydia Substrate platform
  • As a module that requires  Xposed Framework

Both versions of the app have been developed by the same developer devadvance. According to the developer, using RootCloak with Cydia Substrate yields better performance than using it as an Xposed module.


Tested Apps:

Now here is a list of apps with which RootCloak has been tested and found working successfully. If you do not find your app/s listed below, it does not mean that RootCloak will not work for you. Just try it.

  • DME Mail – Excitor
  • Fox Digital Copy – Fox
  • DirecTV GenieGo – DirecTV
  • Best Buy CinemaNow – Best Buy
  • Bright House TV – Bright House
  • Mobile Pay – Apriva
  • AprivaPay – Apriva
  • IKO – PKO Bank Polski SA
  • Sparkasse – Star Finanz GmbH
  • WebTV – Stofa
  • Barclays Mobile Banking – Barclays
  • S-pushTAN – Star Finanz GmbH
  • Bradford Mobile Agent – Bradford Networks
  • ParcelSend – Australia Post Digital
  • Worx Home by Citrix – Zenprise
  • Movies by Flixster – Flixster
  • Sparkasse – Star Finanz GmbH
  • City Video (Citytv) – Rogers Digital Media
  • Yuppi – Yuppi Mobil A.S
  • AirWatch MDM Agent – AirWatch
  • D3 GO – D3 GO


How to Install RootCloak Plus:

  1. Install Cydia Substrate on your device.
  2. If you phone runs Android 4.4+ ROM, download SELinux Mode Changer and set it to Permissive.
  3. Then install RootCloak Plus (Cydia) from the Play Store.
  4. Having installed RootCloak, reboot your device.
  5. Now open the app and select the apps from the list. If you do not see the app you want to target, press the + icon to add it.



Install RootCloak Xposed Module:

  1. Install Xposed Installer app on your rooted device: Download
  2. Also install RootCloak Xposed module: Download
  3. Open Xposed Installer and tap on Framework> Install/Update.
  4. Go back and tap Modules and check RootCloak.
  5. Reboot your device.
  6. Then open RootCloak and start using it.


If you use apps that trace root access and refuse to work at all, RootCloak can easily solve your problems. Give it a try and do share your experience with us via comments. Cheers!


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It’s true that root privilege can do wonders on an Android device. If you have a rooted device, there is nothing that you can wish and not have on it. Of course, we’re talking about getting some missing feature, adding new functionalities, modifying system files, debloating the device, theming it, forcing the CPU to yield best possible performance and enjoying better battery life.

Then there are custom frameworks like Xposed and 3Minit that completely redefine the way rooted Android devices can be customized in. Just a few hours ago, we talked about a very good app that lets you control CPU and GPU frequencies for individual apps.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a popular phablet device with good specs and features, but if you own a rooted Galaxy Note 3, you can do amazing things on it. While there are already some really good apps for your Galaxy Note 3 with root access, we now have another useful app that every Note 3 user must have.

Dr.Ketan’s Utilities is a free app that collects together a bunch of handy tools presented in a simple user interface. The app is compatible with Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 and SM-9005. Having installed this app, you can enjoy several features. Besides, the app also makes some tough things, like backing up EFS, pretty easy.



Features for Dr.Ketan’s Utilities:

Here is a list of features Dr.Ketan’s Utilities offers.

  • Enable auto call recording for incoming and outgoing calls. Recorded files are saved to Sounds folder on Internal SD.
  • Auto GPS- enables GPS when apps require it for syncing location. GPS is turned off when you exit apps like Maps, Camera,S Note, Scrapbook, etc.
  • Auto WiFi- turns WiFi off when there is no active connection for 10 minutes.
  • Auto Bluetooth- turns off Bluetooth when a connection is inactive for 10 minutes.
  • Smart Network- turns mobile data off when the screen goes off and turn it on when screen is on.
  • Turn automatic media scanning on or off manually.
  • Torch- when it is enabled, you can turn on the flashlight by shaking the device.
  • Login security- this will stealthily capture picture if someone attempts to unlock your device 2 times with wrong password.
  • EFS Backup/Restore (works only on SM-N900).
  • Data Fix- use this features if you face issues after restoring backed up data with Titanium Backup.
  • IntSD Fix- can be used to solves issues after moving to TouchWiz ROM from an AOSP ROM.
  • Recovery Flasher- flash recovery.img file on your rooted device. Make sure to copy the .img file to the root directory of the internal SD.


Dr.Ketan’s Utilities for SM-N900

Dr.Ketan’s Utilities for SM-N9005

If you like the app, you can purchase its donate version to support the developer.

source: xda

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We often see people complaining about poor CPU performance while playing a game or using a heavy app. If you play games and videos on your smartphone or surf the web a lot, what is the thing that bothers you most? It is fast battery drain, of course! Having spent fat money on a phone or tablet, we have all right to expect good performance from it.

Do you feel that your Android devices performs slow and has poor battery life? What have you done to overcome these issues? Well, most Android users who are concerned about getting the best performance out of their phone or tablet, install a custom kernel or a ROM. If you happen to be just an average root user and do not want to plunge into things like flashing custom kernels or ROMs, there are simpler ways to control CPU, GPU and battery usage for individual apps on your device.

Well-known developer and the man behind Franco Kernel, Francisco Franco has now launched his new app called Per-App Modes. This wonderful app lets you automatically set maximum and minimum CPU frequency, CPU governor, GPU frequency up and down threshold, and CPU temperature threshold for specific apps. In other words, you can create new resources usage profile or choose from the presets and assign it to your desired apps. By keeping the CPU frequency to a lesser value, you can save battery juice significantly.

Per-App Modes allows you to determine how your device’s resources are used with individual apps. Thus, for heavy games you can allot maximum CPU (Central processing unit) and GPU (Graphics processing unit) frequencies, and while playing light games or using apps (like browser, gallery, music, etc.), you can save more battery by setting the resources to a lesser value. By throttling the CPU and GPU on your Android device according to how much system resources an app might require, you can make the most of your Android device.

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Per-App Modes requires root access to control the CPU and GPU and is compatible with any Android device running 4.0.3 or above. It goes fine with any ROM or Kernel combination. If you do not understand how to handle play with CPU and GPU frequencies, we recommend you to use the power presets by the developer.

Per-App Modes is a very useful app for those who seek powerful performance and good battery life. It’s a very handy app that makes geeky things simple enough to be used by any user. At a price of $2.79, it’s really a good deal.



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lock apps on android

If our desktop and laptop machines are personal computers, our smartphones are probably the perfect examples of extremely personal gadgets. They are our best companions with whom we spend more time than our best friends and even our most intimate relations.

In our times, smartphones have broken the barriers of of being just a tech gadget that is used to make calls, receive messages and similar jobs. We now use it in ways where the thin line between personal and professional life almost burs. Our smartphones keep our contacts, personal pictures, videos, documents, emails and all kind of sensitive data that we might not wish others to peep into.

Since our phones are the containers of our darkest and deepest secrets, we do not want others to access in case it is lost. There are situations when we have to hand over our device to our family members, or lend it to a friend or even a stranger. Well, there is nothing bad in handing over our phone to others, but when it also means leaving our personal information and secrets to the disposal of others, we need to think twice!

Android users have a very big app market with millions of free and paid apps. So, it’s quite obvious that you can find one or more apps for helping you do things. There’s really no scarcity of apps that can lock apps on your Android device, but there is no limit to which one app can be better than its peers.

The Google Play store has been hit by a new security app that can lock your desired app and save it from unauthorized access. Lockdown Pro is a free app but it has all professional features found in paid app locker apps. It helps you keep your private data really private. Using this app, you will be lock apps on Android easily.


Lockdown Pro uses the camouflage of force close error when somebody tries to open the protected apps. Thus, it cleverly hides the fact that the app has been locked out intentionally. Here is list of features of the app:

  • Lock apps in one tap
  • Set auto lock to newly-installed apps
  • Supports location based lock and unlock
  • Active lock apps with a SMS
  • Three lock modes: Pattern Lock, Classic Lock and Calculator Lock
  • Fake force close error message to distract from unauthorized access
  • Random keyboard password
  • Time PIN password
  • Themes store to choose themes from
  • Ad-free
  • Prevent uninstall Lockdown Pro from Settings> Security> Device administrator
  • Hide Lockdown Pro app icon from app drawer


Lockdown Pro has a beautiful user interface and it supports pattern and PIN security. The app has extensive set of options for customization.


Of all apps of its kind, Lockdown Pro is so far the best. We highly recommend this ad-free, clean and useful app to all those who have some secrets to keep.

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As passionate users of Android, we try our best to make our device look different and unique. If there were no possibility of getting refreshed look on our phone or tablet, we would get bored of it very soon. Thanks to awesome world of Android that allows us to customize every bit and byte of our device. You can find hundreds of third-party home launchers, custom widgets, live wallpapers to decorate your device.

If you have a rooted device, the possibilities are immense. You can not only optimize and customize the look and performance of your phone or tablet by installing custom ROMs and mods, but can also tweak it visually. No other operating system give us so much freedom as our beloved Android.

Wallpapers, icon packs and widgets are among the most used tools for customizing the look of the home and lock screen of our device. Keeping this in our mind, we keep sharing interesting stuff like wallpaper packs, clock weather widgets and good apps at DroidViews. Last week, we reviewed a wonderful app called XWidget, and we have discovered another nice widget app named Minimalist Clock Widget. I stumbled upon this app just by chance. The download stats of the app show that it quite new and very few people know about it.

Minimalist Clock Widget contains 16 minimal style and beautiful looking clock widgets. All widgets look good in their default form but using the widget options, you can customize their color, size, date and time format, text shadow, background and other components. All widgets are resizable and allow to assign themselves as shortcuts to some other app. Since the minimal clock widgets update themselves only when the screen is on, they consume less battery.



Download and install the app, use and and do not forget to share what you think about you. Cheers!


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The open source nature of Android OS encourages developers to think of new ideas and realize them as apps. Android has custom replacement mods and apps for almost all features of the operating system. Thus, you can replace stock apps with third-party apps if you do not like them. If you are not happy with the dialer, multimedia player, camera, keyboard and messaging apps on your Android device, you can find lot better apps than those that come with your device.

There was a time when typing on phone used to be a painful and irritating thing. The integration of Swype technology in phone’s keyboard brought some comfort to those who do a lot of messaging and chatting on their device. However, it was only after the introduction of word-prediction that typing on handheld devices became a little more convenient.

When it come to typing fast on Android devices, SwiftKey Keyboard comes as probably the most rated popular app among users. And why not, its smart word-prediction and the capability of creating a dictionary of frequently typed words and expressions makes the suggestions even smarter. There is no doubt why SwiftKey has won millions of fans for itself.

I had been using SwiftKey for more than a year with no complaints and used to think that no other keyboard app could be better that it until I stumbled upon another keyboard app a few weeks ago. TouchPal X is my new favorite now because it offers more options for customization, has more innovative features and makes typing more faster than SwiftKey.


What makes TouchPal X different from other keyboards is the sheer number of features it packs together in a single app. Having used and tried different keyboards on my phones, TouchPal X feels the most natural and offers the most accurate word-prediction. Below, you can see that when I typed “best keyboard app for Android” in my browser, TouchPal offered four possible suggestions for the next word:


TouchPal not only displays the best contextual suggestions on the top bar but also peppers then across the keyboard. To select the desired word from the predictions, all you need to do is to tap and drag the word suggestion that appears on the key to the space bar. Word-prediction keeps becoming more accurate as you keep using it.

TouchPal X is a smart keyboard because it learns from what you type and gathers the words and sequences to give you the best prediction. It saves your phone contacts and also learns from your messages and Tweets. You can quickly access sentence editing options, Twitter shortcut, voice input, keyboard layout and language, and TouchPal settings from the top bar of the keyboard.


One of the fascinating, but not unique, features of TouchPal X is that it supports themes so that you can make it look the way you like. It has a dedicated theme store with lots of mostly free and some paid themes. The best thing about TouchPal X theming is that it also allows you set any wallpaper as your keyboard theme.


As we already mentioned above, TouchPal X Keyboard overwhelms with it wide range of options for customization under app settings that can be easily accessed by tapping the TouchPal icon on the keyboard.


TouchPal X Keyboard supports a long list of languages. We counted the available language packs and it turned out that there are 70 language in the app’s inventory. A detailed list of supported languages can be found on the TouchPal page at the Google Play Store.

Just like Swift, Google Keyboard and other apps, TouchPal includes multiple keyboard inputs and supports voice dictation to enter text. The app has a feature called “Feel the speed” that lets you measure your typing skills against the record 324 characters per minute which is the fastest typing speed achieved with TouchPal.

To conclude our short review, TouchPal X Keyboard impresses with its sleek design, smart contextual prediction (branded as Wave™), and practical features. I remember trying and uninstalling it months ago as it was not very good then. It has been a long time since the keyboard was released and having undergone through a lot of updates, improvements and implementation of innovative features, it has now achieved greatness. TouchPal X is free, powerful, versatile, mature and, in my view, one of the best keyboard apps for Android. Try it yourself and do not forget to pass your views against our review. Cheers!

Download TouchPal X

App Link

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G2 TweaksBox and G2 Xposed Modules

There was a time when rooting only allowed installing apps that require root access. System modding on Android used to mainly achieved with a custom mod or ROM and to flash them, we had to install a custom recovery on our device. With the passage of time, custom development activities in Android have seen radical changes. Our developers keep coming with new ways of customizing Android devices.

The most striking piece of development that has changed the way we can tweak and customize Android devices, was the introduction of rovo89′s Xposed Framework. This custom framework takes advantage of root access on Android devices and with the help of a module, modifies it through a placeholder framework to achieve desired effect.

Xposed Framework can be seen as a panacea for Android devices that can fulfil all your wishes. If you are an LG G2 owner and have already rooted your phone, Xposed can open the doors of customization to you. Today, we’ll see how you can tweak and customize LG G2 with G2 TweaksBox and G2 Xposed modules. The list of tasks these two Xposed modules can do on your LG G2 will surely overwhelm you.

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G2 TweaksBox

G2-TweaksBox xposed

G2 TweaksBox is an amazing module for Xposed Framework. It lets you tweak and customize your LG G2 in different ways and enjoy it even more:

Theme Tweaks

  • Real-time theme changer
  • Gradient status Bar
  • Transparent status bar on launcher
  • Status bar icon colors
  • Hide status bar icons
  • Status bar clock settings
  • NavBar Color
  • Transparent navbar on launcher
  • Navigation bar button colors
  • Navigation bar height
  • Ring pad customization
  • Notification panel color
  • Volume slider background color
  • Date Panel background color
  • Divider color
  • QSlide Panel color
  • Panel buttons color
  • Notification row
  • Quick Settings background button and icon colors
  • List Overscroll edge/glow colors
  • Hide label button color
  • Hide Quick Settings
  • Hide Volume slider
  • Hide Brightness slider
  • Control Brightness level by sliding the statusbar

Calls Tweaks

  • Call recording
  • Set Call History as Default Tab
  • Enable Noise Suppression

Messages Tweaks

  • Exclude contacts without phone numbers in messaging app option
  • New Message screen off option

Lockscreen Tweaks

  • Enable QuickUnlock
  • Enable Rotation
  • Disable carrier text and icon
  • Use squared icons
  • Hide swype string
  • Hide statusbar clock
  • Show Remaining Attempts
  • AOSP Lockscreen
  • Knock OFF on AOSP Lockscreen

Notification Tweaks

  • Disable charging plug/unplug notifications
  • Hide full battery notification
  • Hide battery notification
  • Hide verizon notifications
  • Hide Quiet Mode schedule notification
  • Hide Airplane Mode Dialog

Sound Tweaks

  • Enable Shutter Sound OFF
  • Disable Camera Sound
  • Disable Safety HeadSet Volume

LED Tweaks

  • Change default led color for missed, incoming calls and messages

Misc Tweaks

  • Enable all rotations
  • Freeze rotation to the current one
  • Disable NavBar
  • Enable back led for more events.
  • Enable LG Launcher hidden settings
  • Enable Torch with volume up key
  • Skip Tracks with volume keys
  • Show Extended Kernel info


G2 Xposed

As for G2 Xposed, it is just another module for the LG G2. It does most of the jobs done by G2 TweaksBox. It’s just a matter of choice of which one you prefer to go with. The screenshots from the app will give you a detailed peek into its features:



Download Xposed Installer

Download G2 Xposed

Download G2 TweaksBox

G2 TweaksBox
Download @
Google Play
Developer: P_Toti
Price: Free


How to Install:

To know more about the Xposed Framework, installing and activating its modules, please read this tutorial.

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