Android is an awesome platform for smartphones and tablet devices. It offers more features, apps an choice of devices to users. Most of the world’s greatest OEMs manufacture Android devices and, as a result, we have hundreds of device models to choose from. Being of different screen sizes, Android does not have a universal resolution for wallpapers. Thus, if you have a low or mid-end smartphone, you will not be able to apply a wallpaper with bigger resolution and vice versa.

Have you ever experienced the irritating situation where you were not able to enjoy your favorite wallpaper on your phone’s or tablet’s screen in its totality? I often see people searching for wallpapers with specific px size for their devices. Android has an inbuilt cropping tool that pops up automatically whenever you try to apply a wallpaper that has a different resolution that of your device’s screen.

It is really a good feature but sometimes you might get irritated with it. Suppose you have an awesome wallpaper that you want to show on your home or lockscreen without having to cut it from any side. When you try to set it, you are forced to crop it to maintain the aspect ratio of the image according to your device.

Do you feel  annoyed with this imposed cropping feature because it does not let you have a wallpaper with all desired elements? I believe you must have gone through such situation. Fortunately, Android is blessed with a huge app market with millions of apps. Many of these apps have magical powers to grant your wishes. Today, we have come with some nice  image tool apps that let you set a wallpaper the way you want. The apps listed below put aside the cropping factor and let you set full-size backgrounds without cropping.

Image 2 Wallpaper

This app is best of all!

Image 2 Wallpaper Price: Free

Simple Image Wallpaper

Sorry, this app is not available!

Wallpaper Setter

Wallpaper Setter Price: Free

Wallpaper Wizardrii™

Wallpaper Wizardrii™ Price: Free

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